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Taiwan Basic Information | 10 Essentials You have to Know before You Arrive – MyProGuide

Taiwan Basic Information | 10 Essentials You have to Know before You Arrive

Are you too busy to research travel information about Taiwan before traveling? Don’t worry! MyProGuide is not only your best choice for a tour but also your little helper. We have listed the most important ten points for you! Taiwan basic travel information – Top 10.

1. Taiwanese speak Mandarin as their mother tongue.

Maybe you heard their dialect—Taiwanese before. But, Mandarin is the official language used in Taiwan. Let me teach you how to greet in Taiwan! “ni hao”. It means “How are you?” In Mandarin. Sometimes, Taiwan people say “jia ba bei” as a greeting. It means “Are you full?” in Taiwanese.

2. The currency used in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NTD or TWD).

At the current exchange rate, you can exchange USD 1 to about TWD 30 (exchange rate depends on the current rate). You can go to any bank or post office to change your money.

3. Taiwan’s time zone is UTC+8.

It means that the time difference between Taiwan and the USA’s Eastern Time is 12 hours. While an American is eating his lunch, a Taiwanese is sleeping like a log. It is interesting, right? The sky will dark around 6 pm, but most of the stores and restaurants close at 10 pm.

4. Taiwan’s calling code is +886.

When you are missing a handsome guy or a pretty lady who you met in Taiwan, you can call him/her after you get back to your country. Just kidding, haha!

5. Taiwanese use plug type A, B outlets(110-120V / 60Hz).

This is a piece of travel information that you really need to know in advance. So, don’t forget to bring your plug adapter, or you will not be able to share the amazing Taiwan scenic photos to your social media at all times!

6. Taiwan’s emergency number: Ambulance 119 / Police 110.

It’s absolutely an important number, but we hope that you would never have to use it in Taiwan.

7. Taiwan driver’s seat is on the left and drives on the right side.

If you have a chance to drive in Taiwan, please don’t forget this basic transit norm or someone will call 110 to catch you.

8. Drinking in public is legal in Taiwan.

This information may make many people shout hurray! Taiwanese love beer just like all of you! So, don’t worry and drink Taiwan beer with your Taiwanese friends together!

9. Drinking tap water is not okay in Taiwan.

You can use tap water to wash your hands, wash your pet, water the flowers, etc., but don’t fill your water bottle with it! Or I can’t promise what would happen after you drink it.

10. Tipping is not expected in Taiwan.

Tipping is not a must in Taiwan, but don’t worry. Taiwanese are enthusiastic and charismatic. Regardless of the tip, they will treat you friendly and kindly.

After reading this article, don’t you feel like you are more well-prepared to explore Taiwan? Just keep these top ten travel information in mind, then you can travel around Taiwan independently! Oh! Please don’t forget to bring your passport and money. See you soon!

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