Interview with Jo Wong: Founder of MyProGuide

Not only your tour guide but also your friend!

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This is the motto of MyProGuide’s founder Jo Wong, and also the purpose and vision of his company. Tour-guiding isn’t just walking around, telling people information they already can get from google. The true fun of hiring a tour guide is because they are locals.

Bringing The World Closer as Your Professional Tour Guide

Local tour guides know the city better than anyone else. They know fun stories that have happened but were never shown in online articles.

They know the culture, and they know “traveling is not just about a destination, but the everyday life people are experiencing.”

Tour guide Cipher and her traveler in Shifen old street

The best part about the tour guides in MyProGuide is that everyone is very passionate about our job, and we are full of enthusiasm. We are here to make sure our customers have a great time and make the most of their stay.

The Irreplaceable Value of Customized Tours

Tour guide Norman and his travelers in Taipei

The Internet combines the world together, there are no boundaries in between. People are starting to travel as backpackers or solo travelers. What these people need is local tour guides that can show them the daily life of local people.

As transportation is improving over the years, people tend to save a lot more time on transportation. And the time that is saved can be used for a short tour. Big tour guide companies often provide day-long tours or even more, but Jo thought that we should make use of those small pieces of time.

MyProGuide found Jo and his travelers

Jo enjoys showing his foreign friends and clients around the city, so he got himself a tour guide license. As Jo used to go on business trips, all he had was a few hours of spare time to get to know the country he was in. But without a trusted tour guide. it was very difficult for Jo to experience local culture, and that was when he had the idea of setting up a platform for tour guides and people who need them. 

In MyProGuide, short tours are very popular. As a tour guide himself, Jo saw the opportunity to put together people’s need for tour guides and customized tour service on the internet.

Tour guide Sylvia and her traveler in Dadaocheng

Look for Short Walking Tours in Taipei with MyProGuide

In 2016, MyProGuide was ready for business, with the goal to help travelers make the most of their stay to experience local life and to provide customized tours that can meet every traveler’s need.

Let the world see us, and let us find you

The design of our logo uses bright colors bright yellow and blue, which represents youth and our enthusiasm like the burning sun. The blue sky above us represents the freedom that every soul seeks in their travel. When our tour guides wear our uniform, the bright colors are also easy for travelers to find.

MyProGuide is not only a platform for travelers to book their ideal tour, but also to connect all the amazing tour guides around the world! Tour guides with amazing experiences and travel ideas are everywhere, but when you know where to look for them, travelling just got a whole lot easier.

Look for amazing tours with MyProGuide

Our tour guides are all professionals with a tour guide license. What’s best is that the majority of them know multiple languages!

You are guaranteed to find the best tour guide for you. We are looking for tour guides from all corners of the world, we believe that local tour guides know best about their country and culture, which is a great part of why people travel the world.

We want people to feel like hanging out with a friend rather than just a tour bought online. We have tour guides across Asia up to seven countries, the world is still ours to conquer.

Feeling inspired? We’d love to hear how you think. Let’s talk!

Check out more available tours, or book your own travel experience that is only shared with your beloved travel partners!

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這是創辦人Jo Wong成立MyProGuide平台的宗旨,他認為導遊並不是只給旅客陳腔濫調的專業和導覽,而是以活潑真誠的心,與旅客成為跨國好朋友,方能使彼此旅行更加圓滿。除此之外,他認為旅遊最重要的是「體驗當地生活」。人們得去感受當地風俗民情、文化特色、甚至是婚喪喜慶,才能夠了解一個國家真實的樣貌。



洞悉到自由行的旅客越來越多,像是這類的旅客就非常需要貼身的在地導遊,除了在地的觀光之外,還能夠達成不同旅客們的不同需求。 Jo也發現,其他旅社或網站都只有一整天以上的行程,無法為一些專門的旅客安排幾小時的行程,而「MyProGuide」也主打快速觀光的貼心客製化旅程服務,讓旅客不用擔心時間太過倉促,瀏覽不到他國的風光。

Tour guide Jeannie and her travelers

「MyProGuide」源自My professional tour guide,他設計的靈感是讓人看到有青春活潑的意向。標誌中的藍色是讓人有很青春很開闊的感覺,而黃色是代表熱情,且導遊若穿上黃色也較鮮豔,辨識度自然就夠高,旅客也不用害怕找不到導遊。


Jo也希望讓更多導遊都能在平台上,讓旅客找到最合適的最佳旅伴。目前「My Pro Guide」平台上的導遊分別跨足在亞洲七個國家,Jo對未來的期許是將平台擴展至全世界。


Expand your tour guide career with MyProGuide

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