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What to Do in a Sunny Day – The 3 Famous Attractions in New Taipei City

Farmers live for the weather, and travelholic lives for the weather as well! Because of the latitude of Taiwan, it’s a usual thing that you come into a sudden rain while hanging out. What a bummer, right? Therefore, a list of Taiwan’s tourist attractions is recommended in order to seize any chance to go out. That is, you should be well-prepared to embrace the nature at all times because a sunny day always comes unexpectedly……

Here comes your helper! MyProGuide lists three MUST-GO tours in New Taipei City for a sunny day. Thus, you can just grab your bag and rush out of the door without planning what to do as soon as the sun comes out.

Hiking to The Thousand Island Lake

Thousand Island Lake is located in Shiding district, New Taipei City. Shiding district used to be an important area for the coal industry in the early days. Nowadays, Oriental Beauty Tea is grown and produced in Shiding township for its main industry. Once you enter this area, a large tract of terraces will come into view. Keep hiking along the mountain road, it comes our main character——Thousand Island Lake.

Thousand Island Lake, one of the most amazing places in Taiwan, is indeed worthy of the name as this scene is rarely seen in the hustling and bustling New Taipei City. Mountains and waters intertwined with each other with tea fields embellished among them. On a sunny day, the blue of the clear sky will reflect in the water, adding more colors on the spacious lake.

Thousand Island Lake is not far from Xindian. You can arrive there conveniently by the MRT and bus.

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Exploring Shifen Town 

When you come to Shifen Town, an old and traditional picture always flash into our mind. What activities must you do in Shifen? First, write your own wishes on a sky lantern and launch it. After making your wishes flying in the sky, go to Shifen waterfall which is loved by many foreign travelers. The last thing, please slow down your pace, and just walk along the old railway with inner peace. An unforgettably good time in this place is guaranteed.

Oh! One point, it rains frequently in Shifen. So if it’s a sunny day when you arrive there, you must be extremely lucky!

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Cycling Along The Bali Left Bank Riverside 

In Chinese, the pronunciation of “Bali” is similar as “Paris”, and both of them have a left bank. Different from the banks of Seine, you can experience romance while strolling along the Bali left bank.

Moreover, there is a wooden biking path so you can enjoy cycling along the riverside with the breeze blowing through your hair gently. Along this path is a military building, a museum for prehistoric culture, ecological conservation area for rare plants, etc. Cycling down the wooden biking path, you will get the wonderful experience in the meantime. It is a worth-going spot!

After introducing these appealing tourist attractions that you really need to go on a sunny day, do you want to visit New Taipei City eagerly now?

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