The Best Place To Enjoy Taipei 101 Fireworks

Today is the last day in 2017. What’s your feeling now? Are you satisfied with your 2017 because you found a good job? Or do you regret to have a quarrel with your best friend in 2017? No matter what you encountered in this year, just let it go. All you have to do now is being well-prepared to welcome the next year and to see the splendid fireworks on Taipei 101!

Now, I am going to provide you some places which are perfect for enjoying a whole scene of Taipei 101 fireworks. I promise you will throw all annoying things away in 2017 upon seeing the stunning fireworks.

There’re northeast seasonal winds in Taiwan every winter, so if you want a clear view of Taipei 101 fireworks, please choose places in the north instead of the south, or you might only see a smoky view.

Here, I mark some best place to appreciate the fireworks in Taipei 101, including Taipei City Hall Plaza, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Songgao Road, Songzhi Road, and Songren Road.

Wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve and please have fun!

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