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A Quick Guide to Sydney’s 4 Most Beautiful Restaurants

There’s a Sydney restaurant for all different tastes and purposes. You can find a romantic city restaurant with private booths and dim lighting, a Japanese food haven with the best ramen in the country, a diner with breathtaking views of the sea, etc. Let’s take a closer look.

Sydney is home to some of the most beautiful and romantic restaurants in all of Australia. And there’s so much variety! You can enjoy delicious ramen at a Japanese restaurant, marvel at breathtaking views at a seaside diner, or spend an intimate evening at a private booth in a classy lounge. Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for an anniversary or a place with a laid-back atmosphere for a first date, you’ll find it here.

However, as the COVID-19 pandemic has kept you from going to restaurants, you might not remember where the best places were. To help you orient in the world of Sydney restaurant events, we’ve compiled our list of top beautiful places that can fill your date night with fun and romance.

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1. Alberto’s Lounge –  the Best Italian Food in Sydney

The first thing you’ll notice about Alberto’s lounge is the decor with wood paneling, stucco (plaster-coated walls), and vintage posters. It gives off the perfect vibe for a romantic dinner. And the best part is that this place in the back streets of Surry Hills stays open until midnight. That’s rare in Sydney.

But how’s the food here? This Sydney restaurant is best known for its top-class Italian cuisine. You’ll get to enjoy cow’s milk burrata (cheese made from cream and mozzarella), rigatoni pasta with delicious pork sausage, pane fritto (fried bread) with anchovies, and lots more delicious dishes. The tastes themselves are enough to transport you to the love-filled atmosphere of hot Italian nights.

2. Enjoy Your Meal at SEA LIFE Sydney

If you’re looking for the one and only Sydney aquarium restaurant, you’ll find it at the SEA LIFE. It’s an otherworldly event space where you’ll get to dine surrounded by underwater sea life. Sharks, turtles, and fish all swim by as you’re eating and drinking at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The exquisite backdrop will make you remember the date for years to come. Plus, the cool thing is that before the three-course dinner, you get to take an exclusive tour around the Oceanarium.

3. Aria – Fine Dining at a Harbourside

People who have lived in the Australian capital city for a long time are probably familiar with Aria, the famous Sydney restaurant on the water. This fine diner is the perfect place to take your partner if you want to impress. The menu is all Australian and features yellowfin tuna, mussel garum, spiced eggplant, etc. Plus, the place is known for being the Sydney restaurant with the best view of the Opera House and the sea. What could be a more romantic sight on an intimate night out with your loved one?

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4. Chaco Bar – a Sydney Restaurant for Lovers of Japanese Cuisine

The Chaco Bar at Victoria Street is a traditional Japanese restaurant. It serves some of the best yakitori (grilled chicken on a bamboo skewer) in the city. The decor is classy and beautiful, with an industrial-chick feel reminiscent of interiors at eating places in Tokyo. And the food is just as authentic. Most of it gets cooked at a robata grill that gives the dishes a subtle, with a hint of smokiness, taste. And since the charcoal in this type of grill burns pretty hot, it creates a specific crunchy crust on the foods while keeping the inside succulent and juicy.

Another dish in this Sydney restaurant’s menu not to skip is the famous Japanese noodle soup, ramen. Its delicious broth alone makes it a heavenly tasting experience. And you can’t find ramen like this anywhere else. The chefs here are some of the best ramen makers in Australia, who make the soup from their original recipes.

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In Summary

So these were our Sydney restaurant reviews. Hopefully, you found a few locations you’d be eager to try out for your next date with a loved one. We would recommend you to give each of these places a shot, as they are all among the best Sydney has to offer. However, before booking a table, make sure you check the restaurants’ online announcements about the latest Covid-related regulations. These might change overnight, and staying informed enables you to avoid bad surprises. Other than that, it’s time to enjoy the romantic nights out again. And Sydney’s restaurants are perfect for that.

What do you think of Sydney restaurants and Covid restrictions these days? Are the rules enforced well enough? Share your opinion in the comments and, also, write down your favorite Sydney diner for a date night. We’d love to discover new places.

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Author’s bio:

Jeremy is a journalist and a fine-dining enthusiast, originally from Newark, UK. He has lived in Sydney, Australia, for the past seven years and has come to love the city’s spectacular beaches, playful art deco architecture, and, of course, the top-class restaurants. Jeremy also runs a blog about the best eating places in Melbourne and Sydney.

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