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8 Trending Home Design Styles in the Philippines in 2021

Looking for featured home design ideas for your new home in the Philippines? Filipino homes don’t only imply Colonial Filipino style or Bahay Kubos, nowadays. These home design ideas originated from European and mostly Spanish architecture styles in the sixteenth century. However, things have changed and other home architecture designs have influenced the Filipino culture.

In case, you want to keep up that Filipino segment in your home design along with the modern aspects, then there are numerous options to choose from. Further, housing is comparatively low-priced in the Philippines and you can try high-end home design for your new building projects. Avail a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle with the following home design styles currently popular in the Philippines.


Such house structures are known as terraced houses in the West. Commonly known as door apartments or row houses, townhouse styles are popular in the urban sectors. It requires less space, according to an interior designer of the Philippines. For people who are looking for compact spaces within their desired budget, these home design styles won’t disappoint them. However, if you’re residing in a larger property, then it’s probably not for you.

Moreover, townhouses are a great option for those who are searching for rental houses. In the Philippines, citizens tend to lease or go for rent in townhouse-style houses before they shift into their own. However, if you consider functionality, as well as minimalism, then townhouse design is something that you can opt for. The uniformity in the architecture keeps residents mesmerized in the Philippines.


Exterior design is similarly important as interior design, no doubt. And, if you don’t want just building blocks in your home, then you can go for bungalows. This house design style is more preferable in the sub-urban areas of the Philippines. This particular style has won millions of hearts due to sophisticated statements yet simple approaches. However, bungalow-style houses in the Philippines lack second floors, and they seem like a house with one and a half floors.

According to recent statistics, bungalows are more preferable to retired and specially-abled persons. The low-maintenance design makes it easier to walk around the house. Bungalows show specific similarities with craftsman style; however, bungalows are way simpler and more elegant. The house with craftsman style generally differs in interior design and operations. To conclude about bungalows, they are the perfect choices for small families along with the affordability.


This dedicated house design style comes from the Japanese Zen Philosophy and originated in the late ‘60s. The architecture of this style is neutral. Whereas specific design elements come under spotlight due to lines and silhouette effects. Additionally, these houses create a dreamy palette with pastel and earthy-rich color tones such as ecru, brown and brassy ones. Moreover, white, grey, off-white and wheat colors are also in for minimalist home designs.

Minimalist house designs are comparatively more famous due to their fullest functionality within the limited space. However, it can give you a clutter-free and organized look and vibe. In the last few years, minimalist architecture has fused with traditional Filipino culture. Consequently, it’s now one of the most “in demand” house design styles in the Philippines.

Country Style

Countless home design styles have arrived and departed. On the other hand, some designs get a makeover by fusion or regional influence. The country style is regaining its popularity in the Philippines. In the eighteenth century, Old American houses were inspired by this European style and the world witnessed this particular architecture. Still, countless homes in the United States follow the country style.

Coming to the house design styles in the Philippines, country style is more favored in the cases of commercial sectors, such as cafés. However, homeowners have started showing affection for this definite style and this style has been introduced in the property style. Country style houses are perfect for showcasing your homely furnishings and valuable antiques.

Mid-century Modern

According to research, mid-century modern style is not a definite house design architecture, but a combination of styles that got popular during the ‘40s and ‘70s. And, it’s a clear contrast to the country style homes. However, Filipinos have adopted this style from American architecture from the timeline when housings started exploring steel and plywood as building materials.

Distinguished with the help of symmetrical lines, patterns and simplistic approaches, mid-century modern styles can be easily mistaken for minimalist styles. However, the differentiating features in this style are wide and open spaces, glass windows and effortless union with nature elements. This house design is a popular option in the communities at the outskirts of Metro Manila, posh subdivisions and upscale gated bodies.


Are you eager to experience holiday vibes in your house? Then, you can’t ignore the tropical style. Through this house design style, you can avail of quality indoor airflow and sustainable features. Additionally, the interior design of tropical style houses reflects the same characteristics. Tropical houses might remind you of a style that places functionality over fashion statements.

However, the truth is that tropical style can go with most of the houses irrespective of definite approaches. And, as the name suggests, such tropical houses are the right choice for homeowners in tropical countries. So, bring out your beach-mode with the tropical style home.


You might be confused between the two almost similar house design styles, and they are minimalist and modern. Modern houses have achieved great fame due to their linear aesthetics. And, modern style has arrived in the industry in the 1920s. Then, it encountered diverse evolution and the mid-century modern style appeared.

Modern houses are in trend because of additional comfort and cosiness both for the homeowners and viewers. Additionally, the houses feel more secure compared to other competitive design and architectures. Originated from minimalist and modern style ideas, contemporary style homes are also popular in the Philippines, currently.


Mostly seen in the commercial beach-side resorts and up-market properties, Mediterranean style homes have become a part of the housing industry. Architects and home builders are promoting the idea as it brings on additional refreshment for the residents. People in the urban areas prefer Mediterranean style for enjoying a sumptuous lifestyle among a hectic schedule.

The prime characteristics that differentiate this architecture from others are wooden doors, stone roofs, wrought-iron balconies. Additionally, you can’t overlook the appealing aesthetics of accent tiles and terracotta exteriors. Inspired by the house design styles in Greece and Italy, the warm and light colors are said to be — comfort wrapped with the combination of natural materials. You can avail this unique style for your Urban household.

So, How To Settle For the Best-suited One?

You have just read about 8 home design styles that are popular in the Philippines. Now, it depends upon your preference. You might decide to move into an already built home or start from scratch. Whatever your opinion may be, your house and its style should complement your ideology, as your home design speaks a lot about your taste and values. Therefore, take your time and consider all possible consequences, before making any commitment. Because this decision is a lifelong and expensive one, especially when you can avail tons of choices.

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