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MyProGuide’s New Way of Traveling: Live Virtual Tours

With the emergence of 5G, the reach of internet connectivity is getting wider and the quality of data transfer is getting quicker. These new technological developments, especially those of mobile technology, make even simple tasks more easier and more convenient for everyone. Nowadays, it seems that everything can be done online. Forget about notebook planners, mark important dates and events on Google calendar and get phone notifications an hour before they start! Ditch the in-person meeting, have an online conference on Zoom instead! Too lazy to cook? Foodpanda and Uber Eats food delivery are at your service! With even seemingly menial tasks being done online, we can now also travel online. We can explore the world virtually! The way to do this is the live virtual tour. Live virtual tours are the easiest and most convenient way to explore the world during this modern day and age. No need to apply for a tourist visa, no need to buy expensive plane tickets, and no need to reserve hotel rooms! Book a live virtual tour online, watch while the tour guide takes you on an online adventure, and experience the euphoria of traveling- in the comfort of your own couch! With this new traveling alternative, rest assured that the world is at your fingertips!

Live Virtual Tours with MyProGuide’s Online Tour Guide

Live Virtual Tours

MyProGuide’s new travel alternative is to deliver live virtual tours to everyone. No matter where you are in the world, you are able to explore different places in the comfort of your own couch! Plus, you can interact with the tour guide in real-time; safe, easy and hassle-free! Also, virtual traveling with MyProGuide will let you meet new people all over the world, and will make you feel connected and in tune with far-off places, even those that are located at the other side of the planet. Forget the distance. With MyProGuide’s virtual tours, even the Nile River is just 1 meter away- at your finger’s reach! Perhaps, the world is smaller than you think it is.

Live Virtual Tours with MyProGuide’s Online Tour Guide

Benefits and Perks of the “Live Virtual Tour”

Joining a live virtual tour has many benefits and perks:

  • Travelers do not need to apply for a tourist VISA anymore. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you will be able to participate in the live virtual tours.
  • Virtual tours are “traveler-convenient”: Stay safe at home. No need to walk. Just sit on your comfortable couch and enjoy the live online tour experience.
  • Connect with global travelers. As you are going to join the live virtual tour with other travelers all around the world, you are free to interact with them, of course, keeping in mind to maintain good manners and respect towards each other at all times.
  • A live virtual tour is way cheaper than an actual physical trip overseas. You do not need to pay for airplane tickets, hotel accommodation, food, and other expenses.
  • Discover beautiful places via a LIVE online experience- no sweat!

MyProGuide’s Live Virtual Tours: Awesome Destinations at Your Fingertips

Live Virtual Tours with MyProGuide’s Online Tour Guide

[Online Tour Guide – Taiwan] The Highest Building in Taiwan – Taipei 101 and Xinyi District

Taipei 101 was crowned the highest building in the world from 2004 to 2009. The district where it is located, Xinyi District, is a popular, well-known modern area full of department stores, bars, night clubs and such. MyProGuide is virtually taking you to this fashionable area with the most awesome scenery.

This virtual tour includes the following attractions:

  • MRT Taipei 101 Exit 4
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Taipei 101 Architecture Introduction
  • Xinyi Department Store Area
  • Xinyi District Main Road
  • MRT Taipei City Hall Station

To learn more about the Taipei 101 and Xinyi District live virtual tour, click this link 👉🏼 https://tour.myproguide.com/en/tours/635#

[Online Tour Guide – Cambodia] Explore Wat Bo

Wat Bo is an 18th-century monastery and is the oldest Buddhist pagoda in Siem Reap. Within the area of Wat Bo, there are a variety of sightseeing landscapes such as a little museum, old buildings, hemispherical structures containing relics called Stupas, and religious Buddhism statues. Inside the little museum, you are able to see some ancient objects, such as skulls and bones, on display. Another interesting fact is that the Radio Station of Buddhism in Cambodia is also located in Wat Bo. If you are looking for a place to calm your mind and soul, Wat Bo is the ideal place for you! With its peaceful and quiet atmosphere and tranquil breeze of trees that could surely bring harmony to your body, mind and soul.

Explore Wat Bo, Cambodia with MyProGuide’s local tour guide
Religious Statues in Wat Bo, Cambodia

This virtual tour includes the following attractions:

  • Preah Vihear Temple
  • Stupas
  • Religious Statues
  • Sala Chhann (the place where the monks eat their lunch)
  • Little Museum
  • Heritage Hub

To learn more about the Wat Bo live virtual tour, click this link 👉🏼 https://tour.myproguide.com/en/tours/625

[Online Tour Guide – Indonesia] Explore Old Town in Jakarta City

Jakarta Old Town, called ‘Kota Tua Jakarta’ by the local people, was the downtown area of the capital a long time ago, bearing silent witness to the occupation of the Dutch East India Company. The streets of this town will take you to a stretch of area lined with buildings displaying architectural features from ancient times. In some corners of the town, you will find what are considered to be the representative examples of Dutch colonial architecture in the region.

Scenic view from Old Town, Jakarta, Indonesia

This virtual tour includes the following attractions:

  • Kali Besar Barat Street
  • Toko Merah (Red Store)
  • Rotterdam International
  • Wayang Museum
  • Fatahilah Museum
  • Jamu Store

To learn more about the Old Town Jakarta live virtual tour, click this link 👉🏼 https://tour.myproguide.com/en/tours/629

To see MyProGuide’s other live virtual tours and to see which one you like best, see this page 👉🏼 https://tour.myproguide.com/en/tours/search/online%20tour

MyProGuide’s Future Plans

Moving forward, MyProGuide wants to give travelers the best tour experience. As such, in line with the popularity of VR traveling, MyProGuide plans to launch live virtual tour services- in 360-degree format- very soon! With the 360-degree viewing option, people can get to truly experience what it feels like to be personally there at the destination. The 360-degree live virtual tour option is in its testing stages, and will be launched within the next few months.
MyProGuide is also currently in talks with potential travel service partners in the West- in areas such as Europe and America. Once this comes to fruition, MyProGuide will soon be the ultimate all-in-one go-to company for all travel related services worldwide, expanding its scope to cover tourist destinations in every part of the planet.

Sample screen grab of the 360-degree viewing option

MyProGuide’s Strong Network of Tour Guides

Since 2019, MyProGuide has cooperated with different countries all around Asia. Because of MyProGuide’s strong partnership with tour guides from popular Asian tourist countries such as Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan, MyProGuide is the ultimate all-in-one go-to company to contact if you are looking for any travel information and service within Asia. Because of its secure and well-built network of travelers, tour guides and tour operators within Asia, MyProGuide is now able to easily and conveniently arrange and launch live virtual tour services in every Asian destination, of course, while leveraging the professional tour guiding skills of its most excellent tour guides. Moving forward, MyProGuide is in talks with potential travel service partners in Europe and America, with the hopes of expanding its product catalog to include tours located in those areas.

With MyProGuide’s live virtual tours, people who are forced to stay at home because of the COVID pandemic and people who cannot travel regularly because of physical disabilities will now have an opportunity to explore the world and fulfill their wanderlust bucket-lists. Experience and see the best that planet Earth has to offer- all in the comfort of your own couch. Book a live virtual tour with MyProGuide now!

Check out the Introduction for MyProGuide’s Live Virtual Tours 👉🏼 https://youtu.be/xlb76iPCDqQ

About MyProGuide

MyProGuide is a travel startup from Taiwan that provides a digital platform for travelers to connect with the best tour guides all over the world. MyProGuide provides both in-person guided tours and live virtual guided tours with professional licensed tour guides. With its website, www.myproguide.com, travelers can easily select the destination they want to go to and choose the tour guide whom they want to travel with. Another highlight of the website is that travelers can customize their own tour. Travelers can submit their proposed itinerary, and MyProGuide will arrange the tour for them! The website also has a comprehensive and diverse catalogue of listings for live virtual tours in different countries. Want to experience the worship culture of Taiwan? The city life of Myanmar? The wet markets of Thailand? Book a tour now, and you will surely get to experience all of these- in the comfort of your own couch!


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