Here’s Why Jade Mountain is the Ultimate Jewel to Climb

Among so many different outdoor activities, mountain climbing has been the most popular of them all. Most people that love mountain climbing take customized tours  to climb mountains and see the stunning views from the top of the world, views that very few people get to see.

The clouds floating underneath you, small mountain peaks surrounding, fresh air filling your lungs. But climbing mountains brings you so much more. Despite getting fit and healthy, you will start to eat healthy because all that junk food just won’t fuel your body right. You will make friends on the way because you know they are the only people around who can save your life if anything goes wrong!

Climbing mountains is healing maybe because it is so dangerous yet beautiful, when you’re on the top, everything is so small, and all your problems seem even smaller. You learn patience, persistence and gratitude on the way, you start to appreciate the little things in life because you can’t bring loads of stuff with you, so every little bread crumb, every drop of water matters. And when you see those breathtaking views, you start to care about the environment. Climbing mountains can make you a better person. And when you’re climbing mountains in Asia, climbing Jade Mountain is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Su has been tour-guiding customized tours, especially Jade Mountain mountain climbing tours for a few years.

 “Climbing Jade Mountain, swimming across Sun Moon Lake, and cycling around Taiwan is the three things every Taiwanese should do at least once in their life.” And climbing Jade Mountain is the top goal of all, because you have to go through all the trouble. From sending in an application form and waiting till you get lucky enough to get drawn from the pile of applications, and you will also have to train for the climbing, because the mountain is one of the highest mountain is Asia! You will even have to spend a night in Yushan National Park up in the mountains.

Su has climbed Jade Mountain many times, yet every time he is still amazed by the view. He recalls his first time climbing Jade Mountain, “It was freezing cold when I got to the mountain top! It was raining, and the wind was blowing! But the view was amazing! When the cloud cleared out and the sunshine beamed through the fresh mountain air, looking down on Yushan National Park, my soul felt so calm.”

Su suggests that climbing Jade Mountain is something every traveler should do when visiting Yushan National Park. It is nothing like the other mountains you have climbed. If you love plants, climbing Jade Mountain is just the right thing for you to do. Because of its dramatic height, you are able to see frigid zone plants to torrid zone plants.

Su enjoys taking people on customized tours because you can plan out the tour just as you like, like how many days you want to spend in the mountains, how many other surrounding small mountains you want to climb on the way, how you want to explore the wonder of Yushan National Park and climb Jade Mountain.

“I usually take them on a two-day tour with a night stay at Paiyun Lodge. Most people just want to climb Jade Mountain to tick it off their bucket list, so two days is enough. We start climbing in the morning and get to Paiyun Lodge to stay for the night. You have to get up early in the morning to catch the sunrise, so we set off at about 3 in the morning, by the time we reach the top, you’ll be right on time to see a magnificent sunrise.” Witnessing sunshine covering the earth sure is soothing for our eyes and soul.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and book for a customized tour up Jade Mountain! Pacing through Yushan National Park then climbing Jade Mountain is a great way to search for your inner power.

Before heading off, here are some tips from Su:

  1. It will be freezing on the Mountain, and different from most western countries, the kind of cold on Jade Mountain is wet and soggy, so do remember to bring your raincoats.
  2. For foreigners, remember to apply for climbing Jade Mountain 2 month before
  3. Train before challenging, it is important to be well-trained for such intense mountain climbing.

Customized tours like Su’s is convenient, all you have to do is tell him you want to climb Jade Mountain,, and he will do the rest for you. You will even receive a certificate saying that you climbed to the top of Jade Mountain with a photo of you on it! That might be the best souvenir to ever get, a souvenir that you owned by yourself.

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