Why Should Visit To Local Shan Market in Myanmar

Myanmar, beautiful country full of rich and long tradition, vibrant culture, very delicious food, Asia’s top beaches, gorgeous natural sights and many beautiful cities to explore. Among than, Shan State is one of the famous cities. Shan State , which takes its name from the Shan people, the majority ethnic group in the Shan State. Shan State is comprised of 54 townships. Its capital is Taunggyi. The state is largely rural. Major cities of Shan State are Lashio, Kyaing Tong and Taunggyi. The Shan State abounds with excellent activities, attractions and food. One of the places where you can find all of these things is the local Shan market.

What are the main things to find in the local market?

(1) Local People culture

          Local markets are great places to watch people and to see how they act in their daily life. Housewives in Myanmar go to the market & buy their daily meals for family. This is a great opportunity to chat with locals who are not on the run to get somewhere. For the local Shan markets, there are usually a five-day market. On such a day, you will see more and more Shan people in different traditional costumes, as well as shoppers and sellers.

(2) Local Foods

            When you visit to new places, the local market is one of the first places to visit to get a taste of the local foods in one place. Food is an endless source of colors, tastes and smells, pleasure and creativity, so it’s much more than something that you “just eat”. Most of local foods are made with local products. So, you can curious about local products in that places. Especially most of Burmese people eat their breakfast in local market. Also Shan local food is a little different other cities. Both travelers and locals give high marks for the traditional Shan foods. Shan fish tomato rice, Shan noodle, and hin-htoke (vegetable curry steamed in banana leaf) are some famous foods preferred by locals and foreign travelers. You can easily find such fresh and delicious Shan foods at local market.

(3) Local Fruits and Vegetables

          Another common source which you can see plenty in local Shan market is fresh fruits and vegetables. Because of the Shan State is located at hill region with cold weather. Different fruits and vegetables are available in different local markets, depending on the location of the area. You can see and buy fresh fruits, vegetables and crops with very cheap price in local Shan market.

Credit (pixabay)

(4) Traditional Costumes

                  In Myanmar, you can see different local clothes according to region and ethnic. Shan ethnic’s traditional clothes are very interesting style and color. Most of clothes are made with natural resources. You can see different raw materials, different sewing patterns and different wearing style. If you want to see local dresses and want to see wearing style of Shan ethnics, local market is one of the best places.

(5) Local Handcrafts

                  You can see many local handcrafts which made using local raw materials like that bamboo baskets, umbrellas, knife and others. These can give very interesting to you great place to buy souvenir with very effective cost. The gift shops around the popular tourist sites offer to tourists with a big high price. Things in local markets are cheaper than things from a shopping mall or big store for the same items to Some local workshops can see in local market.

(6) Save your travel budget

          If you’re traveling on a budget, consider also the practical side of local supermarkets: they offer a large choice of vegetables, fruits, bread, yogurts, cheeses, wines, everything that can be used to prepare snacks or a fast dinner at the room of your hotel and, important, at a low cost.



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