Nightlife in Indonesia 10 Best Places to Be

Indonesia would not only amaze you with its serene landscape, flora, and fauna which you can enjoy in your day trips but would also teach you how to party like it’s the last night of your life. An archipelago of 18,000 islands, with several major bustling cities that will never stop entertaining you with its dynamic nightlife.

Bali’s nightlife has something for everyone, from laid-back beach bars to up-tempo clubbing, to traditional dance and performance and this could be said of other Indonesian island destinations. Nightlife of course doesn’t have to involve getting intoxicated and dancing the night away. The Indonesians are renowned for staging spectacular traditional song and dance performances. Urban areas also have a profusion of cinemas, Karaoke joints, and bowling alleys. Here is a list of the best places to party in Indonesia:

Colosseum Jakarta

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perhaps the most amazing spot to experience nightlife in Indonesia. With the 1000 square meter of floor area and the roof at a height of 16 meters, the sense is truly like a large spaceship. You will feel like the ship transports you to an ultimate dance destination where the best DJs spin their tracks to cherish the night owls. Located in the capital city, Colosseum is considered to be one of the best nightclubs of Indonesia for its massiveness and ambiance that charms the visitors here.

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It is created in such a way that it gives it the look of the famous Colosseum of Rome, and its spacious dance floors and balconies make it the entertainment center of Jakarta. The best designers from Ibiza and New York were brought here to give this place the ambiance and interiors that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world. Colosseum not only provides you with the best music with its world-class DJs and Music System, but the elite party crowd here will surely give you the best time in Indonesia. 

Cloud Louge

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one of the most sophisticated rooftop bars offering a 280-degree skyline over the city from the 49th floor of Altitude the Plaza tower. Upon here, you can enjoy vodkas in their most natural environment and relax with chill-out music.

Skygarden, Bali

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Considered the best in Bali and one of the best in the country, Skygarden Club brings you the best of DJs from around the world like Steve Aoki, Yellow claw, Bassjackers, Afrojack, Axwell, and R3hab. Located in the Legion Street, this club has a disco on one floor, bar on another and a rooftop lounge where you can relax and enjoy your drinks with the panoramic view of the city. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet that serves delicious cuisines and also has a locker room where you can keep your baggage. Hence it is largely attracted by a lot of tourists, that make up most of the crowd in this club. 

Watch Bali’s Traditional Dance Performance

with a collection of theatre and live shows from local folktales to ancient Hindu epics, Bali nightlife will allow you to learn more about the unique culture of the island and its people.

Sakapatat Brew House & Resto

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Located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Yogyakarta, Sakapatat Brew House is the best way to experience the nightlife in the city. Situated 1.3km away from the Yogyakarta Palace, it consists of both indoor and outdoor areas for chilling, dining, and clubbing, with live music by local bands and world-class DJs. They have some signature cocktails that are fancied by many, and the live music atmosphere creates a very magical soothing vibe. Hence it is the best way to have a break from your visit to the cultural and historical aspect of the city. 

Single Fin, Bali

This place should be on the bucket list for every person who visits Bali. You can visit here during the day, and stay till the night as you enjoy surfing, chilling at the beach, and enjoying the beautiful sunset at the shore. They have a large range of cocktails, smoothies, and other beverages and serve delicious meals for the hungry. The place is usually crowded as it is attracted by a large number of tourists due to its breathtaking location.

Beautiful balcony, the biggest in the archipelago, boasts stunning views of one of surfing’s spiritual homes and comes alive as the sun sinks into the Indian Ocean. Great music (including regular international DJs and live acts), fantastic food, and a laidback atmosphere make coming to Single Fin a must-do for anyone who visits Bali, no matter if you’re a frothing first-timer from far afield or a lifelong regular who grew up around the corner.

Mrs. Sippy

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This Mediterranean-style beach club pretty much has it all – booze, international DJs, a saltwater swimming pool, and three levels of diving platforms. It’s not currently a late-night spot (the neighbors have complained too much about that), but it offers the best daytime and early-evening parties in south Bali.


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Empirica is one of the top clubs in Jakarta and is a great destination on weekends, especially as its open till the wee hours of the morning. Offering the best nightlife in Indonesia, Empirica plays house and electronic music. The highlight of the club is the interiors which are a bright white with lots of couches, bars, and tables suitable for all kinds of clubbers. They also have theme nights like Egyptian nights which make it a unique nightclub in Jakarta.

Paddys Pub

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If you are searching for nightlife in Indonesia in Bali then look no further than Paddys Pub. In a town that is filled with nightclubs and bars, Paddys Pub stands out as fun and warm place. The pub has both indoor and outdoor space. Once the sun goes down, the magic happens and there are magicians, stilt walkers and street performers entertaining the crowd. The interior of the disco is fitted with flashy strobe lights that are fancy and keep the party going.


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One of the most premium nightclubs in Indonesia and has attained this status thanks to the rocking lineup of DJs. The modern interiors of the club suit the lively atmosphere but the highlight of the club is the glass roof that offers views of the busiest city of the world, Jakarta! The nightclub is open only on weekends from Friday to Sunday and like all international clubs around the world opens at 11 PM and closes only when the last of the dancers have left!

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