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Traveling in Taiwan: your ultimate Holiday Day Tour on Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival (traditional Chinese: 端午節) is a national holiday widely celebrated in Taiwan. People often practice traditional customs and spend time with their family. This year Dragon Boat Festival is a four-day weekend, which is long enough to thoroughly explore a city nearby. Where do you want to explore? Have you planned your trip yet? If not, don’t worry, let’s take a look at four recommended itineraries that are departing from Taipei.

A historical tour in Taoyuan city

Just about 40-minute ride from Taipei, Taoyuan is famous for its historical sites and mouthwatering cuisines. Jiaobanshan Residence is where Chiang Kai-shek’s, leader of the Republic of China, and his wife used to stay occasionally. There are some old photos, boutiques displayed at the residence.

One of the highlights is the Jiabanshan military tunnel which is right next to Jiabanshan Residence. Built in 1963 in order to ensure the presidents safety and it has now become a decorated tunnel for tourists to take photos and play around. After that, don’t forget to have a feat at Daxi Old Street. This historical site is famous for its iconic Baroque-style shophouses, which is a trend during the Taisho period. (when Taiwan is under the colonization of Japan) This street is also famous for its mouth-watering traditional snacks such as bean curd, rice cake, and tofu pudding.

Recommended itinerary: Taipei Main Station-Jiaobanshan Residence – Cihu Mausoleum(online reservation required)-Daxi Old Street- Li teng-fang Historical Home -Taipei

Height challenges at Wulai Skywalk

Located in Taoyuan Fuhsing Township, Xiao Wulai Skywalk right above the Xiao Wulai Waterfall. Can you imagine walking in the air? At Wulai Skywalk, there is such thing as walking in the air. A glass platform reached out to 11 meters long, you will be high above the waterfall about 70 meters high. From the skywalk, tourists will be able to admire the beauty of waterfall and the scenery of Wulai Valley. Yet, as there are limited amount of tourists for Wulai Skywalk, do remember to reserve online or go in advanced for day ticket! After a thrilling adventure, visit Daxi Tea Factory for a fine cup of tea. Offering tours about the tea history in Taiwan. It is a great place to recharge your energy.

Recommended itinerary: Taipei Main Station- Xiao Wulai Skywalk(online reservation required) -Daxi Old Street- Daxi Tea Factory – Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum-Taipei

Experience authentic rural life at Wu-ling Farm

Built in 1963 to offer employment for those servicemen who had retired, it has now become a resort farm which offers visitors an insight of Taiwanese local rural life. With a space more than 700 hectares and an altitude around 2000 meters, there are plenty activities going on at Wu-ling Farm but under a cool-off weather. One of the highlights is that Wu-Ling Farm is home to the rare species, Formosan Salmon, which is widely known as Cherry Blossom Hook Salmon. At Wu-Ling farm, you can find them at Qijiawan Creek Ecological Protection Area.

Recommended itinerary: Taipei Main Station -Wu-ling Farm Resort-Taipei

See the best of north east coast

At the very north point of Taiwan, there is a Fuguijiao Lighthouse (originally named Fuji Cape Lighthouse) but was ruined during WWII. It was then later rebuilt and refurnished in 1962. Marking the north east point of Taiwan, Fuguijiao Lighthouse has the best view of the ocean. Near by the lighthouse, there is a trail where is perfect to spend an afternoon strolling around, waiting for the sunset.

Just about twenty minutes away from the lighthouse, locates the Linshan Cape Recreation Area. This is where the famous Taiwanese film “Secret” directed Jay Chou is filmed. Spend an hour or two the feel the breeze of the ocean, have a walk on the wooded trails. It is also famous for their diverse beach ecology such as the coastal scenery, which is one of the attractions at Linshan Cape Recreation. recommended itinerary: Taipei Main Station – Fuguijiao Lighthouse-Fuji Harbor- Linshan Cape Recreation Area -Taipei Main Station

A four-day weekend is a great opportunity to visit a foreign city. With a well-connected Transportation network, Taiwan is fairly easy to get around within few hours. Save the recommended itinerary to visit the best of Taiwan!

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