Five Must-See in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle lake is one of the most tourists attraction in Myanmar after Bagan. It is located in Southern Shan state of Myanmar and which is famous of rolling boats with legs. But in Inle Lake is not only famous that but also like very ancients pagodas, floating gardens, five day markets and so on.

Jumping Cat Monastery or Nga Phe Chaung Monastery

Nge Phe Chaung Monastery was famous as Jumping Cat Monastery because of Lonely Planet journalist. But now no cat is jumping. But in this monastery, we have many interesting thrones and Buddha images. Because they are since from 16 th and 18th centuries. So we can learn more about difference between nowadays and 16th,18th centuries.

Floating Gardens

 (Credit – google)
 (Credit – Google)

Floating gardens are also important for not only local people of Inle lake also for the whole country. Why do these floating gardens are so important? Yes, because of they grow tomatoes and those tomatoes are very important for our daily curries. Two types of tomatoes in Myanmar, one is pumpkin types tomato and Inle region tomato. But Inle region tamato is more demand in Myanmar country market.

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PaungDawOo Pagoda

  (Credit – Google)
 (Credit – Google)

What are these golden balls or mushrooms?  No, No.  Stop thinking like this. They are not golden balls or mushrooms as you think. They are five Buddha images. How they become like this? Because many Buddhists come here and donate gold leaves after years by years they become like this form. But behind these Buddha images, there were many histories and believings….

Lotus Weaving

(Credit – Google)
(Credit – Google)

Lotus is mostly use in Buddhism countries and Buddhism history. In Myanmar, most people are donated lotus flower to Buddha Images. But in Inle Lake is more than that. They try to get fibers out from lotus stems. After that they make lotus thread and weaving. But lotus weaving is so detailing and taking time. Lotus clothes are very unique and qualify. So lotus weaving is popular and well known…

Shwe Indein Pagoda

   (Credit – Google)

In Shwe Indein Pagoda, we can see many historical and archaeological pagodas, stupas. We can also call third Bagan.  There are over 1000 pagodas. Among them some are 12th,13th centuries and others are 18th centuries. In Indein pagoda, we can also see some ethnic groups and five days market. So I suggest you to visit this Shwe Indein Pagoda…

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