8 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Taiwan

Traveling to different countries is always exciting. Getting to see all sorts of different cultures, meet interesting people, and taste exquisite cuisines. Here is a quick catch-up for you before traveling all the way across the world to Taiwan.

National languages

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English will get you anywhere you want to visit, otherwise, the power of smiling is always an option. Known for its hospitality, English will pretty much get you anywhere in Taiwan! Signs always appear in both Chinese and English. Even street food menus are now foreign-friendly. Taiwan’s national languages are Formosan, Hakka, Hokkien. Mostly spoken by elders while the younger generation speaks Mandarin. Taiwanese people are always willing to help lost travelers find their way even when some don’t understand English. Taiwan is sure the best place to experience the greatness of being welcomed.

Weather in Taiwan

Taiwan is split between two distinct climate zones. Northern Taiwan lies within a sub-tropical zone while Southern Taiwan sits within the tropical zone. The weather in Taiwan is almost always pleasant. The temperature can get up to 38°C (100.4°F) during summer, and the humidity can get really annoying on some days. So don’t forget to get a place with air conditioning to stay! During Winter, the temperature is about 10°C (50.°F) to 25°C (77.°F). As the humidity is really high, It can be very cold despite the temperature. Always remember to bring a jacket with you.

As for the best time to visit Taiwan would be either November when extreme heat of summer and rainy season long gone or April when the temperatures are starting to warm up, making it a comfortable trip without the extreme heat of a Taiwanese summer.

What you really have to look out for is to avoid traveling to Taiwan during Typhoon season often lasting from July until September. There’s usually plenty of warning that a typhoon is approaching the island so once you stay indoors, you’re pretty safe. But do you really want to spend up to 3 days staying indoors while traveling in another country? It’s best to avoid this season of craziness.

Emergencies call

+886 Before you call someone in Taiwan, and for emergencies call 119. The calling code for Taiwan numbers is +886. Do make sure to keep that in mind when getting in touch with your friends! But that wouldn’t be a major problem since you can do anything with the internet nowadays. 

Electrical sockets

Taiwan has the same electrical standard as the US and Canada: 110V, 60Hz AC.Electrical sockets have two vertical slots. If you bring appliances from Europe, Australia or Southeast Asia, you will need an adaptor or transformer. Some advanced places also have built-in USB ports, like MRT stations or on some buses for people to charge their devices which is very convenient.

Spending 20 USD a day, you can get great happiness.

As ranked as the happiest country in East Asia, having a nice time in Taiwan won’t cost you a fortune. Taiwan’s unique culture welcomes all sorts of taste buds! Whether you have an appetite for street food, authentic cafes or fancy restaurants, you can often be satisfied with only paying in coins! Night markets are a must-visit while in Taiwan, and all the famous street foods only cost pennies. Stinky Tofu 50 NTD(1.6 USD), Taro Balls 40 NTD(1.3 USD), Peanut Ice Cream Roll 35 NTD(1.1 USD), getting a full meal on one street within 10 USD is not even a challenge! All you have to worry about is not able to fit all the yumminess in your belly. 

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If your a coffee shop and afternoon tea lover, Taiwan has loads waiting for you to explore. Low priced coffee with good quality and be found in convenient stores such as 7 Eleven, Family Mart, and Hi-Life from 45 NTD(1.4 USD) to 95 NTD(3.1 USD). If you want to enjoy your cup with some brunch or afternoon cake, prices will settle somewhere around 10 USD.

As for fancy restaurants, there really isn’t a limit on how fancy restaurants and prices could go!

However, all prices are tax included. If you visit a cafe or restaurant, there will be 10 percent of service fee added to your check. There is no tipping culture in Taiwan (unless you visit an American restaurant) but do feel free to do so if you are satisfied with their service.

Transporting in Taiwan

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Traveling between airports and the city can be exhausting sometimes. Luckily, in Taiwan, there is Taoyuan Metro. It connects the Taoyuan airport and Taipei City. And there are several ticket types to choose from: 

  • Single journey tickets/One day pass
  • Periodic ticket/Group ticket
  • Top-up tickets
  • Taoyuan MRT and Taipei MRT joint ticket

Taoyuan airport (TPE)There are several transportation options to choose from, buses, coaches, airport MRT, and also taxies are always available.

Kaohsiung airport (KHH)The most convenient way to transport from Kaosiung airport to Kaosiung city is by MRT. There are also other public transportations to choose from as well.

Transporting is a huge part of traveling, and the time spent on travelling often affects the number of places you can visit. Well, not to worry, Taiwan is a busy country, and with busy countries comes with great transportation.

City-bound TPE)

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There are a lot of options to choose from when traveling in Taipei City. MRT for the people who want to get around quickly and with nice air condition, Buses for those who enjoy some nice city view, and YouBike for adventurers who like to go on their own paste. But honestly, for people who enjoy waling, Taipei is so convenient that all you need is a top-up bus pass and you are on your way to all sorts of adventures. 

Transporting from Taipei to other parts of Taiwan is also easy. You can either take a coach bus, a train, or the Taiwan high-speed rail.

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