Visiting Vietnam:8 Advice for Family Travelers

Although visiting a foreign country is pretty thrilling to take a glimpse of something new, however, when going abroad with family, that’s a totally different case. Besides enjoying itineraries on the way, you still have to take care of their favorites and settle them down.

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To your relief, Vietnam is a fabulous nation that attracts a great number of travelers to experience its exotic beauty. It only takes you some effort to get prepared according to the tips below, and you and your family could immerse yourself in happiness during travel.  

Make an itinerary plan for family members

This point is essential, but it’s often neglected by the leader(perhaps father or mother of kids). You might think that why should I inform my family if I handle the whole itineraries; all the family needs to do is follow my steps, don’t they? Well, here we can answer you. 

First of all, you can show your respect to kids and patients through the way of getting them involved; that means they know where they will visit and may do some work to discuss with you. Hence, family travel would not be only led by a single person, but my whole family. Furthermore, if another accident occurs during family travel, your family may know more details about the travel and would be more capable of dealing with it.

Communication really matters 

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As we mention in point 1, gathering family and talking about your family travel is absolutely important, because this travel aims to further family bond, rather than just satisfying the leader’s desire of wandering around in Vietnam.

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As a result,  why not collect ideas from family members, and arrange them into a schedule. For example, kids may be fond of playing with water at Dam Sen Water Park, Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City), while the elderly prefer Vietnamese local cuisine. So, the way of meeting everyone’s needs is art.

Take care of your belongings

There is no denying that always keeping an eye on your belongings will avoid some risk of getting stolen, which would destroy the mood of whole family trips. Although in Vietnam, local people are friendly and kind to foreigners, however, no matter where you visit, always

keep your eyes peeled. Even if you stay at the airport, and go get a plate of foods, remember to notify your kids not to leave their baggage away from them. 

Prepare passports’ copies

When visiting foreign countries, the passport is the document that proves your personal identification. In case that travelers might lose passports and cause a number of problems, so it’s recommended that remember to produce some more copies as back up when facing any difficulties.

Don’t forget to bring medicine 

Some of your family members might suffer from potential diseases, the elderly in particular, so when packing up, remember to make a checklist to make sure that everyone brings their medicine in the bags. Visiting Vietnam, you might be struggling with the language barrier, and if faced with the need for buying medicine, that would be tough to explain the disease.

Make good use of your luggage

It’s believed that going abroad with family is extremely tough when it comes to packing; in fact, you have to be concerned about what kids and the elder might demand during the journey. However, meanwhile, being overcharged is something you don’t want to expect before starting off the family trip. Therefore, trying to keep luggage spacious and settle belongings is quite crucial. Perhaps, you could categorize belongings from their size and usage, and put them at the right place. For example, rolling up clothes and underwear do help; also, don’t place much stuff into plastic and then throw it into luggage, because that would waste some room. 

Bring a portable phone charger 

Foreign countries mean somewhere new to you, so finding the way for destinations is totally challenging, especially traveling with family members.

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As a reminder, don’t ignore this tip: charge your phone and devices once arriving at the hotel, and keep charger aside to secure your phone is available for leading your direction and connection. 

Photos with a family matter. Be patient 

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Taking a picture is an action not only keeps you occupied on trips but also make the family travel fruitful with lots of recall. But as a person that should in charge of family travels arrangement, usually father or mother of kids, they might be so busy to tackle things that they could not casually smile and patient when taking photos.

Bai Xep| Photo by Tuấn Trương on Unsplash

Remember to remind yourself, chill out, and let your brain refreshed for a minute, and get back to delightful family travel. You spend money on joy and priceless reunion with family at several amazing tourist spots. Don’t let temper spoil it. 


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