Food Adventure in Taiwan: Looking for the Best Seafood

You might already know Taiwan as a food paradise, but did you know that Taiwan has a reputation as one of the best places in the world to enjoy seafood? Because Taiwan is surrounded by ocean from all sides, it has a rich fishing heritage and seafood street food to fine dining. Now, for seafood lovers, be ready for a mouth-watering trip! Here is your ultimate seafood guide. 

Go to a fine seafood restaurant for dining in Taipei 

1. Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水產

Often regarded as a paradise for seafood lovers, this is a place with three restaurants all in one: a sushi bar, a hot pot restaurant, and a Korean barbecue. Located just next to the Taipei fish market, you will be expecting the finest authentic seafood experience. 


No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu East Rd

2. Shin Tung Nan Seafood Restaurant 新東南海鮮餐廳

Opened in 1979, Shin Tung Nan is one of the oldest and seafood restaurants that enjoyed a good reputation in the city. Apart from the signature seafood dishes, it offers dishes from Taiwanese cuisines to all kinds of Asian cuisines. Shin Tung Nan Seafood Restaurant is definitely the place to go for a taste of true Taiwanese seafood.  


No. 105, Section 1, Tingzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 

3. 海九澎湖海鮮餐廳

Named after where the restaurant has its fresh seafood delivered, it has fresh, delicious and simple seafood at a reasonable price. At the restaurant, you will be picking fresh seafood straight from the aquarium, and the chef will prepare your dishes based on your personal preferences. With an elegant and modern design, you will be enjoying great seafood at a reasonable price. 


No. 170, Changan East Road, Zhongzheng Taipei, Taiwan

4. Have some seafood on a stick and seafood snacks in night markets

The night market is where you go for great street food, some fun games, and its where most Taiwanese go for a night out. At almost all the night markets, you can find some tasty seafood treats: squid balls, barbecued squid on a stick with barbecue sauce, fish ball soup and oyster or shrimp omelets. 


Shilin Night Market, 101 Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Raohe Street Night Market, Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

5. Visit Taipei fish market

Taipei fish market was originally a traditional fish market. However, in recent years, it has developed into a modern fish market attracting both locals and tourists. Local markets are where you see the real lives of the locals and feel authentic Taiwanese friendliness. The seafood markets in Taiwan is a fresh, clean, classy visual entertainment. You will find some delicious seafood to go for example cooked shrimp, scallops, and fish, which can be taken away or enjoyed at the standing tables nearby. Also, there is a small but fancy wine bar on the market. Since you can’t eat at the wine bar, it is suggested to take your wine glasses to the tables outside if you are having some takeaway seafood. Nothing goes better with fresh seafood and a glass of white wine! Go to the Taipei fish market for Seafood to-go, sampling, a casual walk, or simply as a visual symposium would be real fun!

Taipei fish market:

Minzu East Road, Lane 410, Alley 2#18

6. Go shrimping: catch your own dinner tonight! 

“If you want to eat, you got to earn it yourself” is the art of shrimping in Taiwan. You might have gone shrimping before, and you were mostly on a boat or a seawall. Yet, in Taiwan, shrimping might come as a culture shock for you. Shrimping in Taiwan is indoor, and is a popular activity in Taiwan, which is a combination of food and recreational sport.  Most of the indoor shrimping venue is 24/7! Go anytime during the day, or go after a party, it will be fun! 


The price for shrimping is usually NT$350 every hour, which includes a fishing rod, a net, and some chicken liver or dry baby shrimp for bait. 

Where to shrimp: 

ChuenCheng 春城釣蝦場


No. 471, Section 2, Zhishan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan 

Eating like a local is always one of the best ways to embrace the culture and to enjoy your trip thoroughly. With abundant marine resources, seafood has become an essential food culture in Taiwan. Whether you are a seafood lover or not, put shrimping, night markets and decent seafood restaurants in your itinerary for your next trip in Taiwan.

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