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Memorable Korea 7 of the Best Souvenirs to Bring Back Home

Korea travel is always fascinating to expect, no matter what kinds of reasons to attract you to visit. K-pop, historical architectures, magnificent landscape, or even Korean mouth-watering delicacies can all serve as the spirits of your journey in Korea. However, when it comes to what makes you remember a trip, travelers wouldn’t forget to take some souvenirs home. Today, myproguide is going to share our recommendation of what you should buy in Korea.

1. Beauty products

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As generally known, Koreans highly emphasize aesthetics and adorable appearance; namely, the cosmetic industry is still on the rise because of both domestic and international demand. Products such as facial masks, skin care products, lotions, BB cream, CC cream, etc., catering to foreign visitors with a wide collection, even men desire to shine themselves up could be able to target some products. Moreover, the package design of some products is just so fancy that it is tough for customers to reject. They are quite suitable to give friends as souvenirs as well. 

2. Kimchi

Photo by Maangchi

Have you ever been aware of the variety of kimchi that you tasted before? Many foreigners, even for those who go on Korea travel for several times, could only recognize the most common kind-Baechu kimchi(배추 김치). Well, yes, Baechu kimchi is one of them; in fact, Korea boasts more than 180 kinds of kimchis, which are absolutely their national icons that Korean have to eat as a daily meal. Therefore, if you would miss kimchi after you are back in your country, then picking up a package of it to spice your dinner up.

3. Korean paper(Hanji 한지)

Koreans also learn Chinese characters before, and still, they are able to write their names down in Chinese. Well, the Korean word is so unique that paper filled with ㅎㅅㄷ…such spelling words can be appreciated by foreign visitors as well. Even though you might not ever take a Korean class, still sticking on the corner of your home wall is exotic and enchanting.

4. Korean Ginseng

Korea is also famous for ginseng, which owns the priceless value of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, so many would view it as additional nutrition or traditional medicine that used to cook with cuisines. For example, Ginseng chicken soup(Samgyetang 삼계탕)is considered a Korean local food featuring delicious ingredients and tastes combining Jujube, ginger slices, and other herbs with chicken and ginseng. And it helps refill the energy and reduce exhaustion according to traditional medicine. Now, you could select packed Ginseng chicken soup from many brands in souvenir stores. 

5. Korean dried seaweed

Photo by Wikipedia

As seen in Korean dramas or films, dried seaweed is a type of essential ingredients in Korean local cuisine. Korean people would rip a piece of dried seaweed and use it to cover the rice. It can be savored with kimchi and hot soup. Korean grandmas are also fond of making kimbap, Korean-style riceball, with dried seaweed. 

6. Korean Yuja tea

Yuja(유자), a fruit resembling citron, is often utilized in Korean drink or cuisine. It tastes sweet and a little bit bitter. It’s recommended to make good use of Korean Yuja tea to help ease your thirst. In the summertime, when caught with boiling heat, you can put a teaspoon of citron tea paste, adding some water, and this cup of tea refreshes your mind.

7. Korean traditional clothing(Hanbok 한복)

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Just like trying on Japanese kimono in Kyoto, Korea, tinged with a long history, surely are pretty proud of historical and cultural things. As a matter of fact, some might be desperate for searching for some sort of product as a reminder for the journey, and perhaps having Hanbok is a great option. Along with streets nearby several Palaces in Seoul, you can notice many “ancient” people in traditional dressing passing by, forming a picture of old good days that can only be seen in dramas.

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