Discovering Taiwan on Two Wheels: 5 Biking Festivals You Can’t Miss

Taiwan is a country that produces one of the most famous mountain bikes around the world. You might have already heard of Giant Bike, a Taiwanese bike brand that is recognized as the largest bike manufacturer. So it comes as no surprise that it is often titled as a paradise for cyclists! Located in East Asia, Taiwan is famous for its stunning nature and mind-blowing landscapes. Attracting both amateur and professional cyclists all around the world. There has been a continuous trend where there are more and more people traveling to Taiwan for cycling every year. MyProGuide is introducing the top cycling events, including the biking festivals that are held in 2019 in Taiwan. 

Let’s hit the road: biking events in 2019

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1. Taiwan KOM challenge: a once in a lifetime event 

Photo by KOM Challenge Facebook Page

Being internationally famous and attracting passionate cyclists all over the world, Taiwan KOM challenge is ranked to have one of the top ten most challenging biking routes. It is also ranked as the 50th most famous cycling routes in the world, according to the French cycling magazine Le Cycle. The course features Hualien County, which is home to the start of the Taiwan KOM Challenge at Chishingtan, to Taroko Gorge. Featuring a total of 195km long ride, you will be assured to witness some of the breathtaking views of the natural sites of Taiwan. 

Photo by KOM Challenge Facebook Page

Starting from Qixingtan Beach in Hualien, passing through the spectacular Taroko Gorge and finishing at the 3,275m top of the highest passable road in Taiwan, Wuling Pass on Mt. The fix date of Taiwan KOM challenge is subject to change. Check the official website for your next challenge! For more information, please visit:

Taiwan KOM challenge Facebook page: 


Taiwan KOM challenge official website: 


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2. Formosa 900: cycle around and experience the local culture

Photo by Formosa 900 Facebook Page

Founded in 2011, Formosa 900 has been organizing bike tours around the island. A packed tour including accommodations, meals, and stopping by local attractions such as night markets, temples, old streets, and tourist attractions. It is more than a cycling tour, but a chance to see Taiwan up close. In this upcoming November, Formosa 900 holds a cycling tour lasting 10 days with a ride of 910 kilometers. 

Date: 2019. Nov. 09(Sat) 2019. Nov. 17(Sun)

For registration, please visit: 


Formosa 900 Facebook page: 



3. Sun Moon Lake Come! Bike day Round the Lake Challenge Ride (日月潭Come! Bikeday自行車嘉年華)

【日月潭 Come!Bikeday 自行車嘉年華】系列活動來囉!

【日月潭 Come!Bikeday 自行車嘉年華】系列活動來囉!歡迎大小朋友一起共襄盛舉 💓有哪些項目呢??➡💥 此生必騎!【日月潭環潭挑戰遊 30KM】👉 https://ppt.cc/fJTs5x💥 360度潭面騎車賞景-【自行車道逍遙遊 10KM】👉 https://ppt.cc/fpRbUx💥 台灣最萌的比賽-【兒童滑步車趣味賽】👉 https://ppt.cc/fsGXbx🚲歡迎您闔家一起來 用自行車探索美麗的日月潭!👉 http://www.cyclist.org.tw/event_txt.asp?pno=117#臺灣自行車節#日月潭ComeBikeday#自行車嘉年華#環潭挑戰遊#自行車道逍遙遊#兒童滑步車趣味賽再發現。動感日月潭!

中華民國自行車騎士協會 Taiwan Cyclist Federationさんの投稿 2019年9月27日金曜日

Located in Nantou, Sun Moon Lake is the biggest lake in Taiwan and a popular tourist attraction. As Sun Moon Lake offers one of the most breathtaking lake views in Taiwan, don’t miss the chance to enjoy it on a bike. With a 30 kilometers ride, coming along with a bit of up and downs, you will be expecting four awe-inspiring temples. Be ready to ride into the scenery. 

Date: 2019. Nov. 3 (Sun.)

For more information, please visit: 


4. 2019 East of Taiwan鳳林小鎮自行車逍遙遊

Photo by Taiwan Cyclist Federation Facebook Page

With the biggest population of Hakkas in Taiwan, Feng lin is a town rich in history. 

Combining with some fun activities, culture heritage attractions, rural scenery, it would be a perfect day to explore the best of Feng lin. With a 15-kilometer ride, it is instead a relaxing and chilling bike ride, no need to rush. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful fields and laid back pace in Feng lin. 

Date:2019. Nov. 16(Sat)

For more information, please visit: 

5. 2019 Hualien Pacific Ocean Cycling Race (2019花蓮太平洋自行車節)

Photo by Taiwan Cyclist Federation Facebook Page

When visiting Taiwan, Hualien is definitely ranked as one of the top destinations. To promote its stunning coast view and diverse culture, the Hualien County’s Sports Center organizes a cycling race happening at the end of November. Combing local tourism and cycling paths, you will be emerging yourself in the best of Hualien. 

Date: 2019. 11. 30(Sat)

For more information, please visit: 


Fill up your water bottle and get your helmet ready. Are you prepared to go on at a speed of 20 km per hour on a bike to experience the real beauty of Taiwan? No matter you prefer to cycle on your own, in a group, or with a guided tour, cycling in Taiwan will ensure an unforgettable memory and an adventure of a lifetime. 

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