6 Hidden Gems in the Philippines that You Need to Know

When it comes to a beach paradise, you might immediately think of  Palawan, Philippines. As the Philippines a popular destination for beach lovers in Southeast Asia, there are many places yet to be explored than Manila, Boracay, and Palawan. Let us have a look at some of the best-hidden gem destinations in the country. 

1. Visit the Mysterious Island of Siquijor Island 

Photo by Louie Martinez on Unsplash

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Commonly associated with mysterious mythology, fascinating legends, Siquijor island is an island located in the Central Visayas region. Also called Isla del Fuego, which is the island of fire in Spanish, this beautiful name comes from Spaniards during the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. Do cliff jump at Salagdoong Beach, with a height of 6 meters and one that’s 11 meters high, it’s a gorgeous beach guaranteeing lots of fun. Swim with the turtle at Apo Island. Featuring stunning corals and over a hundred species of fish, it’s a famous diving stop. Legend has it that it is an island from the sea. Visit Siquijor Island to unveil the mystery. 

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2. Enjoy the Breathtaking View at Banaue Rice Terraces

Northern Luzon | © R.M. Nunes / Shutterstock

For those nature lovers, put Ifugao Rice Terraces into your bucket list. A unique heritage site by UNESCO, these unique rice terraces are said to be carved from the ancestors of the indigenous people from the area. Also honored as the “Eighth Wonder of the World“, it is a fascinating landscape where you can’t miss out on. 

3. Discover the Beauty at Taal Volcano in Tagaytay: Let’s go hiking! 

Located just 60 kilometers away from Manila, Heading to Tagaytay, it is a city of amazing nature. One of the must-dos is going hiking on Taal  Volcano and enjoying the views from the top. Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines. Famous for amazing weather, Tagaytay is a destination attracting tourists for a great hike in Taal Volcano. Less warm than Manila, the air in Tagaytay is in comparison fresh but not cold weather in Tagaytay is warm during the day but not so warm like in Manila.

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So yes — perfect weather makes going on Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world, a great activity. Often described as “an island within a lake” due to its interesting geological formation. Although it might sound a bit confusing, you should go and see it yourself. Hiking to Taal Vocalno is an interesting experience that will blow your mind.

4. Have a Magical Lunch at Sonja’s Secret Garden.

As a restaurant, Bed & Breakfast, Spa, Wedding venue all at the same time, Sonya’s Secret Garden does it all. With a tropical garden with flowers wooden furniture that seamlessly ties it all together, that is what makes Sonja’s secret Garden magical. Apart from amazing dining experiences, it offers a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. Be ready for a feast for both of your stomach and eyes! 


Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, 4123, Philippines 

5. Visit the Best of City Bohol

Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines | © ostill / Shutterstock

City Bohol, a popular destination resorts and landscapes. Visit Chocolate Hills. Located in the Province of Bohol, Chocolate Hills is fascinating as the name implies. However, you can’t expect actual chocolate in the hills. Covered in the grass and the cone shape make the hills look like chocolate kisses during the dry season when the grass is brown. Tours offered to reach the top of the hills. When accessing the top, you will be rewarded with the breathtaking scenery above.

Baclayon Church, Photo by ChoosePhilippines

Heading down to the southwest part of Bohol where you can do a relaxing river paddleboarding in the afternoon.  Through winding in the jungle passageways, you will be enjoying nature with waterfalls and more. Also, visit historical architecture at the Cathedral of San Jose, Baclayon Church, and Blood Compact Monuments. Carrying significant historical meaning, these churches and monuments will let you know more about the historical background of the Philippines. 


Cathedral of San Jose: J.A. Clarin St Tagbilaran City Bohol, Philippines

Baclayon Church: Baclayon Church Municipal Tourism Activity Center, 6301, Philippines

Blood Compact Monuments: Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island, Bohol Province, Visayas, Philippines

6. Go Island Hopping in Britania Group of Islands:

The Britania group of islands in Surigao del Sur is known for being untouched and breathtaking. Visit Hagonoy Island, featuring a long sandbar, the beach is perfect for swimming and water activities such as banana boat rides. Also, visit another stunning beach, Naked island, whereas the name implied, there is nothing on the beach but a pure fine sandy beach. Apart from the gorgeous islands, you will surely enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Also, for those who love seafood, lucky you! Britania Group of islands is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood. 

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The Philippines is a great destination for fun, adventures, or explorations. Maybe it is already your second or the third time in the Philippines, there are always more amazing places yet to be discovered!

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