10 Beaches in Northern Taiwan Every Beach Lover Should Know

Are you a beach lover? What do you associate summer with? It is often summer, beach, bikinis, and water activities. However, when traveling in northern Taiwan, you might find the beaches slightly different from those classic beaches. Now, get your camera, swimsuit, sunscreen ready, MyProGuide is taking you on a tour to visit all breathtaking beaches in northern Taiwan!

1. Fulong Beach: where there is such a place in gold

Located at new Taipei city, Fulong beach is one of the most frequently visited beaches due to the easy access. The golden sand is one of the features that attracts many tourists, and the variety of outdoor activities that can do there. The entrance fee is NT$100. Apart from the golden sand, it is also famous for the international events that are held at Fulong Beach. 

Photo by: 噗啦魚 on flickr

When you happen to travel during July, don’t miss out on the special music festival held in Fulong Beach. Hohaiyan Rock Festival (貢寮國際海洋音樂祭) is a rock music festival, and it is free! Also, renting a bike and enjoy the sea breeze with stunning views is a must do when you go to Fulong Beach. 

Location: No. 42, Fulong St., Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City 228
Transportation: From Taipei Main Station or Songshan Station, take a northbound train to Fulong Station (福隆車站). It would take around 75-90 minutes depending on train type.

2. Laomei: green reef standing at the crystal sea

Photo by shutterstock

Famous for its green troughs and trenches, Laomei is a must visit for those who love to take pictures. The algae growing on the stones thrives from April to May, making it a green and  stunning attraction. The algae then die out during summer, but the troughs are still a unique sight make Laomei worth a visit. 

The Fuguijiao Light House, an iconic landmark nearby Laomei, is the northernmost point of Taiwan. The pathway between Fuguijiao Light House and Laomei beach is an ideal spot for a nice walk where you find breathtaking views. Don’t forget to catch the sunset! The rumor has it that the best view of the sunset is from the lighthouse. 

Reminder: be sure to catch the last bus at 5pm for public transport back to Shimen or Tamsui.

Location: Laomei Village., Shimen Dist., New Taipei City 253, Taiwan 
Transportation: take the bus 862, 863 or 892 from tamsui mrt station and get off at “Laomei“ station. The bus ride would take around 40 minutes. 

3. Wai-Ao Beach: surfing at the black sand beach

Photo by travel.yilan

Located in Yilan county, where often considered as the “back garden of Taipei.” It is a county where is perfect for a few-day escape from Taipei. Beaches are quite rare in the north east part of Taiwan, since northeast coast is mostly rocks and cliffs instead of sand.
Another reason to make Wai-Ao special is that it’s a “black sand” beach.

Wai-Ao is also a great place to learn how to surf, or to get some intermediate experience. Besides playing with the black sand and the waves, this area provides extreme sports such as paragliding, surfing, and other activities that having courage is necessary! During the night, you will also be able to do amazing B&Bs and while listening to the waves.  

Transportation: take a train at Taipei Main Station and arriving at Wai-Ao. The journey takes approximately 1h 58m. The service is almost every hour.

You can also take a train from Kamalan bus station, which is really close to the Technology Building (科技大樓) MRT Station. Get off at Jiaoxi bus station (礁溪), and then take a taxi or local city bus to Wushigang. 

4. Jingshan Beach: the hidden secret beach with stunning rocks

Located next to Shitoushan Park, Jingshan is famous for the breathtakingly extraordinary rock formations. While hanging around at Jinshan beach. With the trials and crystal sea and rocks nearby, you will find yourself very close to nature. One of the famous attractions is the scene when you see the moon reflects on the ocean. It is so gorgeous that is one of the famous” the eight-best scenery at Jingshan”.

If you happen to be hungry after a long walk on the beach, head to Jinbaoli Old Street that is about a 20-minute walk from Jingshan beach for some nice food. There, you will find their iconic specialties such as delicious duck, candied sweet potatoes and pearl tapioca in different flavors. Have a feast at Junbaoli Street! 

Location : Shuiwei Fishing Harbor, Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 208, Taiwan
Transportation: Take the bus 862 , 863 at Tamshui MRT station. If from Taipei Main Station take the bus 1815, 1068 or 953 and get off at Jinshan post office(金山郵局) and then walk to Shuiwei Fishing Harbor.

5. Shalun Beach Park (沙崙海水域場): be ready to get sandy!

Located close to the city, Shalun Beach can be accessed easily. Shalun is a very wide, sandy beach, where you can spend your afternoon at. Yet, remember that the water is not allowed to enter since the water is extremely dangerous to swim due to the odd tides and currents. However, it is a great place to do sunbathing as well as beach sports at the beach. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might run into people who hold parties and activities such as horseback riding at the beach. 

If you like hermit crabs and some cute little fish, you will surely have fun at the intertidal zone at Shalun Beach Park. Also, Shalun Beach is located about 25 min walking distance to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can spend a great time walking around with the stunning views of the Tamsui River and Pacific Ocean. 

Transportation: After arriving at Tamsui Station (淡水), take the bus Red 26, 836, or 857 heading to the direction of  Fisherman’s Wharf (漁人碼頭), and then get off the bus at Guanjingtai Station (觀景台). The beach is directly next to the station.

6. Jhongjiao Bay

Address: Zhongjiaohai Bank, Jinshan District, New Taipei City

Located in the middle corner of the North Coast, Shazhu Bay is a rare golden sandbank on the North Coast. Many people visit here on holiday; they come to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the endless waves. It is a paradise for surfers. Hardware on the beach such as the physical facilities, and both the parking lot and the driving line are well planned. There is also a public space for washing feet, bathing and changing clothes.


1. MRT: MRT Taipei Main Station→Tamsui Station→Bus1263→ Jhongjiao Bay Station

2. Train: Keelung Station→Bus 1262→ Jhongjiao Bay Station

3. Motor Transport (Kuo-Kuang)1815→Jin-Shan Station→Bus1263→ Jhongjiao Bay Station

7. Baisha Bay

Address: Baisha Bay, Shimen District, New Taipei City

Baisha Bay is a good outdoor resort. This bay is located in Shimen District of New Taipei City. Because of its natural white sand, it is named as Baisha Bay, which literally means white sand in Mandarin. Common activities in the area include several water activities, sunbathing, flying umbrellas, flying kites, surfing, or beach volleyball, etc. However, the wind is quite strong here, some activities such as air ball shall be paid attention to prevent from being blown away by the wind.


1. MRT: Tamsui Station→Bus 862, 863→ Baisha Bay Station

2. MRT: Tamsui Station→Bus 862→North Coast National Scenic Area

8. Yehliu Park

Address: No.167-1, Kantung Rd., Yehliu Village, Wanli District, New Taipei City

The rocks in Yehliu Park are eroded and weathered by the ocean and the wind, so it’s carved into various shapes. These rocks are one of the wonders of the world. The most famous one is the “Queen’s Head”. With a hairy tail, the Queen looks like to be slightly gazing at the sky with an elegant attitude! There are also various shapes of rock that are worth visiting in person.


1.MRT: Tamsui Station→Bus 862→ Yehliu Park Station

2. Bus: Taipei Main Station→Motor Transport (Kuo-Kuang)1815→Yehliu Park Station

3. Train Station: Keelung Train Station→Bus 790 →Yehliu Park Station

9. Jinguashi

Photo by Ming-yen Hsu on Flickr

Address: No.8, Jinguang Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City

It is a well-known mining area in Taiwan and it is also known as the home of gold. The previous gold mines have been transformed into a gold museum, which is for people to have a deeper understanding of the gold age.


1. MRT: Zhong-Xiao Fu-Xing Station→Keelung Bus 1062→ New Taipei City Gold Museum

2. Train: Keelung Train Station→Bus 788→ New Taipei City Gold Museum

10. Jiufen Old Street

Photo by Joel Fulgencio on Unsplash

Address: Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taipei City

The most distinctive and important tourist area here are the streets and houses that are distributed along the hillside. Walking through it feels like walking on the roof of the house.


1. MRT: Zhong-Xiao Fu-Xing Station→Keelung Bus 1062→Jiufen Old Street

2. Train: Keelung Train Station→Bus 788→Jiufen Station

Take a look at the music festivals as well as water festivals that are coming up in 2019!!

Jinshan Benghuo Concert

Festival Date: 22nd June, 2019; 18:30 to 21:00 (time of 2020 to be announced)

Location: Jinshan Beach, New Taipei City

“Jinshan Benghuo Concert” combines Jinshan’s local business and provides visitors a wide range of festival experiences. In addition, visitors can take recreational fishing boats to enjoy the scenery of the North East coast. The music echoes with the Benghuo culture to arouse people’s attention to missing culture.

Ho-hai-yan Gongliao Rock Festival

Festival Date: 30th August to 1st September, 2019

Location: Fulong Beach, Yilan

(Credit: taiwan.net)

Gongliao Rock Festival is one of the most famous annual large-scale coastal activities in New Taipei City. It successfully combines the spirit of ocean and independent music creation into the characteristics of the northeast coast.

Dawulun Starry Party

Festival Date: 20th July, Saturday and 10th August Saturday, 2019; 19:00 to 21:00

Location: Dawulun Fort Parking Lot, Keelung

(Credit: travel ettoday)

In the light-free Dawulun parking lot, a starry sky feast would be held to promote eco-night tourism. The whole process will be free to participate, so that people can get closer to the stars and those who want to explore the astronomical Galaxy, don’t miss it.

Baisha Bay Romantic Lifestyle Festival

Festival Date: 31st August and 1st September, 2019

(Credit: northguan-nsa)

With its unique ocean and beach views, Baisha Bay is one of the most romantic spots on the North Coast. “Romantic Baisha Bay Summer Festival” with wedding tour shooting highlights the romantic style of Baisha Bay. The two-day Baisha Bay Summer Festival contains fun competitions on the beach, bubble football, etc., all make Baisha Bay a highlight base for romantic recreation.

For those beach lovers, you would want to stay as much time as possible at the beach and explore as many beaches as possible. Taiwan is famous for its different kind of natural resources. Yet, when traveling in Taiwan, though those typical summer beaches can be found. The beaches in northern Taiwan is quite a unique scene due to different landscapes. plan your summer in Taiwan, the beaches in the northern part will give you total new experiences.

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