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What Should You Keep in Mind When Taking a Family Tour

Summer is around the corner, nothing is as much fun as doing a family trip abroad. Recent years, it has become a trend to go abroad as a family group. As a tour guide, it’s never an easy task to satisfy everyone. Now, MyTourGuide is giving you tips when you happen to be taking some energetic kids, nannies, aunties, uncles……all at the same time!

1. The way to the hearts is through their stomachs

Pay attention to special diets:

Food is often the most interesting part of the journey, yet it is always the decision need to be made three times a day. So, what’s for dinner. Tour guide? Be ready, you will be facing this question may be more than three times per day. It’s important to remember to double-check the dietary requirements before making the reservation of the restaurants. Be sure to know if the menu can fit everyone. For example, you might need to know whether if there are vegetarians from the family group or not. Something worth noticing is that for the middle-aged or the elders in Asia, especially in China, Taiwan, and Japan, there usually are used to having something savory in the morning.

Make sure hot water is offered for Chinese customers:

Chinese and Taiwanese people, especially the elders, they mostly drink hot water instead of cold water due to health reasons. When at the restaurants or staying overnight at the hotel, remember to make sure that hot water is offered.

Kids are ALWAYS hungry:

There is a high percentage to have some kids during the family tour. Somehow kids are energetic and hungry all the time. Have some Granola bars with you, or you can do some snack breaks along the way. You don’t want to see anyone hungry, which mostly ruins the good mood!

2. Know your audiences: be charming, not a history teacher

While there’s one tour guide, there can be one big family group on a tour. Every family member on your tour is looking for some information and yet, most importantly, a great time. As a result, keep in mind that there are times when kids or even adults, simply lose their interest on the dates of the monument is established, or how many people sacrificed during the war. Also, make sure to engage with them. An exceptional family tour guide should be delightful, entertaining, yet informative.

3. Be flexible, be family-friendly

When doing toilets breaks during the tour with a family group, there is a high possibility for the elders to take longer than the others. You should also be taking notice if there are kids that sit in the strollers. If there really are, when doing some walking tour, there might be some paths are difficult for those with strollers. Therefore, the time management and whether the paths or streets are stroller friendly should be taken extra notice. Remember to be flexible on the time schedule since there might be unexpected delayed. Also, be sure everyone catches up, since kids might get distracted easily, and elders might not be able to follow up your speed. Don’t lose anyone along the way! The attractions should be taken into consideration while arranging the tour. There are many attractions offering discounted tickets for elders and kids. Remember to make the best use of it.

4. Some quality family time is necessary

We all know it’s never easy to satisfy everyone, yet on a family tour, it should be satisfying the family but not the individuals. Instead of going on the activities like pub crawl would leave the kids behind, the activities should be designed for a family. The key point of a family trip is to do memorable things together, so remember the fact that people would expect spending time with family members together, but not activities that would make them separate.

5. Some extra tips especially for summer

During the summer it is recommended to spend a long time on the bus since most of the time the heat would be unbearable. When doing the walking tour, be sure there would be shades on the way. Also, you can remind your customers to bring some sunscreen, umbrellas, water with them to avoid the heat. Especially in Asia culture, people, in general, don’t enjoy getting tan comparing to the westerns.

It is often said that being a tour guide is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. You got to travel on a daily basis, and you have great chances to meet people and discover amazing landscapes. Though as fun as this job seems to be, there are some challenging parts when it comes to taking a family tour. Being thoughtful and caring, and let the customers that you do pay attention to the details will make the family trip a memorable one.

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