5 Best Places to Spend Summer Vacation in Vietnam

As generally known, Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, no other word but hot can best describe Vietnam’s annual weather. In summer, the average temperature of Vietnam is above 25 degrees Celsius, and sometimes even reach 35 degrees or more. However, never skip an amazing country worth visiting thousand times just because of hot weather.

Actually, speaking of spending enjoyable summer, Vietnamese people definitely have many ideas to stay chill and have a lot of fun. So, as summer is approaching, why not follow MyProGuide’s recommended places as below, and schedule your memorable itineraries to Vietnam this summer.

Must-go Islands in Summer Vacation

When everyone utter “summer” this word, we can’t help thinking of water activities.  Refreshment of water can absolutely cool our body down. It’s believed that many people spend their precious summer at sea or swimming pool.

Taking part in water activities with friends is an unforgettable memory in childhood. And maybe this summer, it’s time for Vietnam to remind you of the best things to do in summer.

1. Phú Quốc Island:

(Credit: Yu)

This island a must-go if you desire to spend your summer on an island surrounded by azure ocean and long beautiful beach. In fact, Phú Quốc Island is only one-hour flight away from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). It is the largest island in Vietnam’s sovereignty, and it attracts numerous tourists from local and foreign countries to relax in summer vacations.

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To many visitors’ surprise, with continuous breeze at the breach, the ocean water is quite chilly for swimmers to avoid the heat. After participating in Vietnamese friends’ volleyball game at the beach, you should savor genuine seafood feast in Vietnam local style. Crabs, shrimps, scallops, sea fish-you name it, professional chefs spare no efforts to get all fresh ingredients done as mouth-watering dishes on your table.

Also, it’s interesting to mention that local Vietnamese really make good use of peanuts as seasonings. So, you may appreciate a type of special taste in some dishes once you take a bite of local delicacies.

2. Côn Đảo Islands:

(Credit: pixabay)

Côn Đảo Islands contain 16 islands, and the biggest one is Côn Sơn. And it takes only less than 1 hour flight from Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City) to get there. Côn Sơn used to serve as a place that captivate political prisoners in French colonial era and Vietnamese War. It’s shocking to see many old prison remains describing their cruel historic facts and reminding visitors of the importance of peace.

Compare with Phú Quốc Island mentioned above, Côn Đảo Islands is rather less popular yet underestimated in summer vacation. Thanks to less fame for foreigners, most of the visitors are Vietnamese people. Price in Côn Sơn is lower than you expect. The most important of all is that you can experience genuine Vietnamese culture and make friends with local Vietnamese.

This photo of Con Dao Islands is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Also, Côn Sơn features a National Park, which is dedicated to nature conservation. It’s definitely an educational spot for you and family to spend summer vacation there. Because of great efforts on wildlife, many aquatic animals, such as sea turtles and hermit crabs can be easily found by sea shores. If you’re lucky enough, perhaps you will have the chance to see little sea turtle hatch and stumble back to sea. Under the sky full of star, it’s how the way people should enjoy life in summer vacation.

2 Pleasant Cities to Stay in Vietnam

In fact, not all the cities in Vietnam are hot hot hot. Some of the places are quite comfortable and pleasant to have fun there. And the two cities mentioned below are famous for this kind of advantage. So, hurry up and book your tickets there.

1. Da Lat City

(Credit: Đằng Nguyễn on Unsplash )

Da Lat is the most popular tourism city for Vietnamese. Different from burning weather in Vietnam’s other cities, Da Lat is well-known for its pleasant temperature and naturally rural sight. So, it’s absolutely appropriate place to retreat from boiling hot. Perhaps you may also be amazed at the booming agriculture industry in Da Lat.

Within the city, you can see diverse sorts of plants, including orchids, roses, vegetables, etc., are well-cultivated and display their authentic colors. In Vietnamese’ mind, vegetables grown in Da Lat indicate freshness and health. So far, it’s still an essential location supply all Vietnam with nutritional vegetables and fruits in season.

Besides pleasantly savoring fresh fruits in Da Lat, if taking a glimpse of landscape sounds incredible to you, you definitely have plenty to do. For example, Elephant Falls, Pongour Falls, and Da Lat Flower Garden are must-see when you visit Da Lat. By approaching nature, somehow you might feel more relaxed and calm in mind. Heat in summer seems fading away in Da Lat.

2. Nha Trang City

(Credit: Duy Huy Dao on Unsplash)

When you ask a local Vietnamese where is the top choice to spend their summer vacation, many of them would answer “Nha Trang.” It take around one hour flight to get there from Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City), or 7~8 hours by train. Actually, not only during summer vacation, it’s quite common that many Vietnamese flock to Nha Trang with family in weekend holidays. The popularity of Nha Trang among Vietnamese’s heart is needless to say. Then, let’s find out the reasons why Nha Trang is born as paradise for summer vacation.

In summer, beaches are the place we can’t neglect, and Nha Trang is pride of the most natural and beautiful beaches in Vietnam. With pure sea water and sandy beaches, no one could refuse this gorgeous summer vacation attraction. Many years, Nha Trang appeals a great number of tourists to have fun in summer. There are all kinds of water activities for you to join. For example, scuba diving is a hit in Nha Trang because of uncontaminated sea water. In many tourists’ experiences, they’re astonished at the weightless sensation and clear underwater scenes while fully equipped. It’s simple to appreciate the abundance of marine life in Nha Trang. So, if you’re interested in aquatic animals, please don’t hesitate to take a tour to Nha Trang this summer.

UNESCO Heritage Trip-Ha Long Bay

Ha Long means “descending dragon” in both Vietnamese and Chinese language. It has the reputation of spectacular sea scene and natural landscape. Ha Long Bay won UNESCO Heritage title in 1994. Since then, it has become the most popular tourist destination that overwhelms hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors. It’s considered that all of us should be wowed at Ha Long Bay in person at least once in our life.

Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh Province, the northern Vietnam. It takes approximately 4 hours to arrive in Ha Long Bay from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. 

To avoid increasing high temperature, many visitors decide to take a cruise tour for better appreciating the beauty of Ha Long Bay’s panoramic view. Staying in cruise ships or boats, you still be able to take a glance of magnificent 1,969 islands made from karst limestone.

These islands stand tall, which seemingly indicate its mystery of “descending dragon.”   In addition to embracing comfortable breeze and savoring delicious fruits, such as rambutans, lychees, longans, mangos, etc., don’t forget to say hi to other visitors when cruise ships approach closer. More passion and delight definitely perfect your amazing trip of Ha Long Bay.

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