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A Sip Of Night Taipei

Hate it when you can’t get that bag of grocery before 6 when the supermarket closes? Hate it when you’re craving that amazing taste of stir-fry but it’s in the middle of the night? Well, nightlife in Taipei is where all your dreams just might come true.

Taiwan, the heart of Asia, with Taipei 101 looking over the city lights. When you visit this island, nightlife in Taipei is what you would not want to miss!

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A city that doesn’t sleep, with Sunset markets, which are traditional markets where you can get the best deals of vegetables, meat, and all the ingredients you need, and stir-fry restaurants that open till you see the sun rise, also, famous night markets where you can taste a bit of every kind of Taiwanese food, like night market steaks, stinky tofu, beef noodles, and so much more. Or show your singing talent off at one of the karaokes, most of them even serve food! Take a customized tour and let the locals show you around. Nightlife in Taipei is truly a night-owl’s paradise.

Speaking of night life, a bit of drinking is what the true spirit of the night is. Getting a light sip of cocktails with your girls, or a shot of passion and freedom with your mates. The bars in Taipei is just the place you want to be in. As being both a bar owner and tour guide, Pauline sure knows what travelers love about the bars in Taipei. Her martini bar reflects her personality, as martinis are for strong drinkers, her customized tours are for those travelers who desire the strong after effects of memory flashbacks during the marvelous nightlife in Taipei and great time they had at the bars in Taipei. And as proud to be one of the few martini bars in Taipei, her tours are just as unique. Her special fruit martinis are like small hints of nightlife in Taipei, sparkling in the slight dullness of ordinary.

Sunny, professional tour guide, has made a lot of foreign friends while tour guiding, and Trio bar is on top of her must-do-in-Taipei list. After a day touring around the city, nightlife in Taipei is all about slowing down a bit in a busy city and just relaxing, but that doesn’t mean the fun should stop! Well, you don’t want to go wandering about into just any bar you see on the street! You can get customized tours on a pub crawl. Just like any other of her customized tours, Sunny can show you around the big city and introduce you to her favorite bars. And one of her best is Trio.

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Trio isn’t just like any other bars in Taipei, thanks to its mind-blowing cocktails that feature a lot of Taiwan’s famous fruits and drinks. Passion fruit, dragon fruit, mango, watermelon… you name it! Not only do they look fantastic but also the fruity cocktails made with Taiwan’s famous tropical fruits give you a taste of the best fruits in the world and better! With alcohol! You can also get the world famous bubble milk tea here, but not just the ordinary kind, “bubble milk tea shots” is what they serve here at Trio!

Also shots that look like pills and some you have to lick powder off your hand, but don’t worry they are all legal and safe. Trio is where they make drinking fun and full of surprises, you will have a relaxing yet enjoyable night out! The best thing about Trio is that it is not only a bar! They also sell coffee and food! Well, it’s okay to get a bit drunk in the afternoon if you’re on vacation! What do you drink in the afternoon? Tea of course! But here at Trio, they don’t just serve ordinary tea, they have Earl Gray cocktails and shots! That’s what you call an afternoon tea.

What is traveling when you don’t try out the local way of a night out with your pals? 

We suggest you to save a night for Taiwan’s best way of drinking – stir fry with beer! And not just any beer, but the famous Taiwan beer. Gathering around with your friends at a stir fry restaurant for dinner and beer is the typical way to catch up with your friends for a night out.

These restaurants usually have low tables and chairs featuring hundreds of cheap stir fried dishes you can choose from. Sipping on cold beer and a bite of that sweet and salty taste of stir fry, and another gulp of beer to wash it down. The real spirit of drinking the local way is to drink with a few drinking games! There are all sorts of them, and the most common one is called “five, ten, fifteen”. You start with a round of rock, paper, scissors to decide who starts to give the numbers first, and then you gesture five, ten, or fifteen with both your hands, if the one that isn’t giving the number gestures the same number as you, they have to drink.

Stir fry restaurants are usually loud and crowded because of its cheap price and welcoming environment. Comparing to pubs and bars, you wouldn’t need to dress up fancy for it. It’s more a kind of down-to-earth environment where you can wear flip flops and shorts, and just indulge into the hospitality and passion of Taiwan.  

So if you’re still thinking of which pub to visit next time you come and visit Taipei, we suggest you to book a customized tour! Tour around the city and visit a sunset market to get some fresh and cheap fruits and vegetables or just admire the crowd under the golden sunset, go to a stir fry restaurant and drink some Taiwan beer, and last, end the night with a sip of classy martini. 

Nightlife in Taipei is so much more than just endless night markets! Rather than strolling around the streets getting lost, let a local guide show you around to the best stir fry restaurants and bars.

Meet our tour guide Sunny & Paulina:

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sunny-chen-myproguide-taiwan Sunny |Sharing the amazing attractions and telling stories is my passion.

Paulina | Love food and knowledgeable with all kinds of cuisine in Taiwan.

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