20 Do’s and Don’ts in Laos: Be a Respectful Traveler

Foreigners can sometimes find it difficult to navigate the cultural norms of Lao culture, especially first-time visitors. Knowing what might be considered offensive to the Lao people can help to avoid embarrassment and possible trouble. Most of the tourists traveling in Laos feel welcomed by friendly locals, which express one of the traditions and cultures of Laotian.

Explore Tokyo Under The Mysterious And Sexy Shade Of The Night

Nighttime in Tokyo is rather different than what you experience in the day. There is so much more to see and explore in Tokyo under the mysterious and sexy shade of the night. Tokyo nightlife can be more complicated than learning to say “cheers” in Japanese. There are districts specific to clubbing—like Kabukicho, which is the biggest red-light district in Japan. Shinjuku (the neon-bathed streets of the Kabukicho red-light district, in particular), which has dozens of karaoke bars, izakaya pubs, and hostess clubs to boot. Shinjuku is also home to Ni-chome, which is Japan’s largest gay nightlife area. Tokyo is a city that never sleeps and has plenty of places to keep you entertained for the night.

10 Unique Myanmar souvenirs

Souvenirs, a symbol of your journey, a piece of memory, and the small amount of portable culture. Tourism has been described as a sacred journey, with there being a need for people to bring back mementos and souvenirs of the “sacred, extraordinary time or space”, not only to aid recollection of the experience, but also to prove it. Many people like to buy or take something from the place they visited as a reminder of their great experience on their travels.

Myanmar Facts: Know Before You Go

Formerly known as Burma, the least visited country in South-East Asia was named one of 2016’s hottest new destinations. It became the place to see “before it changed”. Myanmar is one of the most complicated, and most captivating, destinations you’ll ever visit. Travel to almost all parts of Myanmar is safe. Bagan is Myanmar’s most visited spot. Marco Polo once called it the gilded city for its surfeit of Buddhist temples and pagodas. Today, many thousands still remain; a sunrise balloon ride over them is unforgettable.