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7 Reasons to Fall in Love With Amsterdam

The city’s olive-green canals and handsome gabled mansions are indeed beautiful, but perhaps above all, it’s the flavour of the city that appeals – its inhabitants a creative and imaginative bunch who quite simply bring the place alight. Young Amsterdammers were energized, and the hippy movement infused the city with an adventurous spirit that survives today: it’s reflected in a string of cultural events such as Pride and King’s Day, a platoon of inventive art and photography galleries, and a penchant for design, from designer toothbrushes to a speciality condom shop, which manages to stretch everyone’s imagination.

8 Most Magical Christmas Market Waiting for You to Explore

Culture and traditions often hold special meaning for people because such events trigger memories and a sense of belonging within a certain society. One of Christmas’s most loved traditions is to shop at Christmas markets. It is the one place that is merrier than your own home decor. They are packed full of nostalgia, whimsy, and fun – and are incredibly sentimental, even if you’ve never experienced one before! It sounds incredibly cheesy. From Germany, to Switzerland, to New York, it’s difficult to find a coveted destination that doesn’t hold an impressive annual advent market. In fact, some have grown so popular, they’ve become tourist attractions in their own right.