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10 Most Photogenic places in Thailand

Psychology Today recently published an opinion piece about how Instagram is the happiest place on the internet. And we’re the first to agree. If you’ve been on Instagram in the past years that it’s been taking over the world wide web, you know that it’s chocked full of puppies, gourmet dishes, beautiful landscapes, fast cars, and inspiring quotes. The first Instagram post, in fact, included a shot of an adorable pup.

Top 10 Best honeymoon destinations in the world

After spending your life savings on bachelor and bachelorette parties, a wedding venue, a dress, and everything else, you might be wondering whether going on a honeymoon is worth the additional expense. What is a honeymoon even for, anyway? History shows that people have been going on honeymoons since the 5th century. Couples would celebrate their first “moon” of marriage by drinking mead, hence the “honey.”

An Amazing Open Safari Park in Bangkok

There are plenty of great reasons to go on a safari. Whether you want to see the Great Migration, get up close and personal with wildlife, take your family on a one-of-a-kind trip, or just relax in nature, a safari trip will never disappoint. A safari offers a unique chance to see the wildlife in flesh! What better way for children to learn about the animals than to see them during a family safari?