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Betel Quid Culture in Myanmar

If you ever visit Myanmar, you’ll find three main things: Tea houses, Tea leaf salad, and Betel Quids. Usually, people gather in Tea houses for a cup of tea and some tea leaves, while chattering away, they also start chewing on Betel quids. Almost every street corner in Myanmar has a stall selling kun-ya, a traditional sort of stimulating “chewing gum” made with areca nut, betel leaves, dried tobacco leaves, and slaked lime paste that remains very much in fashion despite being carcinogenic and severely damaging the user’s teeth

Myanmar Snack Tour: Top 10 Things to Snack on While in Myanmar

Yangon is a great place to start your crash course in all dishes Burmese. The largest and most ethnically diverse city in Myanmar with a population of nearly 6 million, Yangon brings together the flavours and culinary influences from all over the country. In a not-so-distant past, consumers sat down to three regular meals a day and snacked only in between meals: Eating was a pretty traditional, predictable behavior.

Classic Myanmar Dishes at Home

Of all the Asian cuisines that have spread over the globe, Burmese food hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. There’s a more than understandable explanation for this, given that the country was isolated for almost 50 years due to a repressive military dictatorship. According to filmmaker Robert Liebermanhe who filmed a documentary in Myanmar in 2012, the country endured gross human rights violations that the world is still discovering. With Obama’s visit to Yangon in 2012 and tourism opening up across the country, the world is watching Myanmar. One thing they’ll surely be watching with increasing attention is the food.

10 Unique Myanmar souvenirs

Souvenirs, a symbol of your journey, a piece of memory, and the small amount of portable culture. Tourism has been described as a sacred journey, with there being a need for people to bring back mementos and souvenirs of the “sacred, extraordinary time or space”, not only to aid recollection of the experience, but also to prove it. Many people like to buy or take something from the place they visited as a reminder of their great experience on their travels.

Myanmar’s biggest water fight, Thingyan Water Festival

Water festival is the most significant annual festival on the Myanmar calendar; it marks the start of the New Year, the beginning of the Myanmar lunar calendar, and celebrates life and rebirth. The correct Myanmar name for the water festival is Thingyan, however, outside Myanmar, it is often referred to as the water festival. Traveling around the world can lead you to engage in new, and often incredible, experiences.

Myanmar Facts: Know Before You Go

Formerly known as Burma, the least visited country in South-East Asia was named one of 2016’s hottest new destinations. It became the place to see “before it changed”. Myanmar is one of the most complicated, and most captivating, destinations you’ll ever visit. Travel to almost all parts of Myanmar is safe. Bagan is Myanmar’s most visited spot. Marco Polo once called it the gilded city for its surfeit of Buddhist temples and pagodas. Today, many thousands still remain; a sunrise balloon ride over them is unforgettable.