Laos in One Day

Laos is a quiet and thinly populated country, best appreciated for its small-scale rural places and true wilderness. Laos is a landlocked country steeped in nature, food, history, and Buddhism. It used to be a popular destination for partying but, since the wild tubing days have been curtailed, it’s turned into a more relaxed, outdoor-oriented country. If you only had one day to travel Laos,

20 Do’s and Don’ts in Laos: Be a Respectful Traveler

Foreigners can sometimes find it difficult to navigate the cultural norms of Lao culture, especially first-time visitors. Knowing what might be considered offensive to the Lao people can help to avoid embarrassment and possible trouble. Most of the tourists traveling in Laos feel welcomed by friendly locals, which express one of the traditions and cultures of Laotian.