Bird Watching In Winter Time

If you are a nature lover or love to go bird watching, this blog is totally for you.

Platalea minor, also called Black-faced Spoonbill for its spoon-like bill, is a kind of rare bird that bird watching lovers all crave to see, classified as an endangered species. Because of its graceful posture, someone also calls it “Black-faced angel” or “Black-faced dancer”. According to the statistical data, there’re only about under 4000 Black-faced Spoonbills around the world and they’re mainly distributed in East of Asia. Luckily, every winter, from October to April, about 60% of Black-faced Spoonbills fly to Taiwan in order to avoid the winter. Yay! It’s time to go bird watching!

Their habitat is mainly in Sicao and Qigu, Tainan. For the purpose of providing a suitable living environment and a stable source of food, the government especially plans wildlife reserve for Black-faced Spoonbills. Meanwhile, you could enjoy a pleasant bird watching time. But, please must remember not to damage the environment while bird watching. Let’s defend our “Black-faced angel” together!

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