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7 Travelling Tips That You Need To Know Post Covid

Have they ever heard of revenge travel? The odds are that you might be planning one right now. After being locked inside for almost a year and a half, a large number of people are planning their payback against COVID-19 by preparing to travel again. As more people are getting vaccinated, people become confident to make the trips they had to cancel because of the pandemic. While experts all around are expecting a boom in travel industries, a much-needed one, here are seven tips to keep in mind before acting on your pent-up wanderlust.

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  1. Know the Risks of the Air

It may seem obvious but it is still the most important of all things to consider. Making a safe choice trumps all impulses, and it is essential to be careful. The risk assessment starts with the option of flight. It is always advisable to steer clear of layovers whenever possible. This reduces the chances of contracting the virus during air travel. 

The next critical consideration is whether the airline in question is taking appropriate steps. While all airlines are adhering to a standard protocol, some have better options than others. Always check for the possibility of contact-free check-in. While at the airport, try to keep a reasonable distance from other people. This is doable in most major airports. Just be mindful to look out for emptier gates before it’s time for you to board your flight. 

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  1. Be Mindful about Touch

While this seems to be another no-brainer, this can still make a world of difference. It is always advisable to minimize touching surfaces open to the public. This includes handrails, hand rests, escalators, and similar other things. If something is unavoidable like an ATM or a lift button, make sure not to touch your face afterward. Always keep a stock of sanitizer.

While it is not okay to be paranoid, a quick wipe down does not hurt anybody. Most decent hotels will disinfect the rooms before new guests arrive, but it is still wise to enquire about their COVID protocols. 

  1. Plan The Days of Your Trip Wisely

The very point of traveling to a foreign land is to experience something novel. The process involves going around to complete all the tourist attractions and perhaps do something fun for everybody. Activities typical to vacations like pubs and theme parks might not always be safe. Be sure to know the covid rates of the place you are traveling to. If the transmission rate is low, only then plan activities that attract crowds.

The outdoors is always a safer bet. Wilderness tourism is already on the rise as more and more people seek respite in the tranquillity of nature. People who have always claimed to be non-outdoorsy are now seriously looking at camping and even glamping. With activities like stargazing and river surfing, these seem to be a literal heaven on earth. 

In a similar vein is wellness tourism. With soaring mental health issues, many people are feeling burnt out and exhausted. Yoga retreats and spa getaways are becoming increasingly more popular. These might be some suitable COVID-safe activities to consider while planning a trip.

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  1. Be Aware of the Where You Live

It is pretty understandable how frustrating it can be to cancel a trip for no fault of one owner. But it is also essential to appreciate the perils and devastation that this disease can rake. Against the backdrop of the hazards, you must act as responsible members of society. 

If you live in an area of community spread, it is of utmost importance to not put others in the way of harm by traveling if not necessary. There is a high chance that you might get sick while traveling, and that can infect other people. COVID vaccines help assuage the situation, but there is still a chance for vaccinated people to spread the virus to others

  1. Vaccination Approvals

If you are traveling outside your country, it is always good to check if the vaccine you have availed has been certified by the government. Are you traveling to Europe? Then opt for the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency. These are the ones issued by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. Apart from this, individual member countries accept other vaccines enlisted by WHO. Seven European countries have approved AstraZeneca.

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  1. Focus on Local Travel

Given that once more people get vaccinated, travel risk will reduce, but the risk of contraction is omnipresent. Thus, a road trip in a car is much safer than an overseas trip by flight. By focusing on locations in and around, you can boost the economy of the place. Also, get an adventure in your repertoire. All this allows us to stay safe while discovering some beautiful, underrated places that have flown under people’s radars. 

  1. Ethical Travelling

Given that world economies have taken tremendous blows over the last one and a half years, it becomes crucial to be mindful of the way you approach travel. Tourism can make a massive difference for the economies of smaller towns. A large number of beautiful countries depend on tourism to support their economies. By taking the time to absorb all that a place has to offer rather than checking boxes for the number of areas, you can give new meaning to traveling. It is essential to move away from mass tourism and expand the options to smaller communities. 

The Bottom Line

All the people are going through some very turbulent times. But many of us can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. Global travel might not just go back to what it had been overnight, but there is still much hope for what is to come. 

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