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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit South Korea

One of the most exciting destinations to visit after the coronavirus pandemic is South Korea. This is a magical country that has kept its culture, traditions, and values alive throughout the years. Its distinct cuisine, modern entertainment, and signs of ancient civilizations place it among the best places to visit. There are plenty of reasons to visit the South Korean country at least once in your lifetime.

Wonderful Architecture

South Korea has some of the best modern architecture with abstract shapes and lines. Naturalistic tendencies, simplicity, and economy of shape characterize the architecture. The capital Seoul is home to outstanding pieces of engineering with contemporary designs. Move through Bukchon Hanok village for a collection of charming brick homes representing the historic vibes. The country has some exciting, eye-catching, and dazzling architecture. You will discover 7th-century observation towers, mysterious tomb hills, and the majestic Woljeong Bridge in Gyeongju.

Authentic Korean Food

Image by withplex from Pixabay

Nothing beats the taste of Korean delicacies, including the flavorsome side dishes. There is a rich cuisine culture in the country driven by traditional dishes and western recipes. Try the kalbi, which is Korean-style meat found in all fancy restaurants. The Korean barbecue has remained an iconic South Korean tradition throughout the years, while the street food culture is second to none. Walk around the street markets in South Korea to sample some of the best delicacies. Furthermore, medical cannabis is legal in South Korea that offers opportunities to get the twisted extracts wholesale.

Breathtaking Nature

If you want to enjoy some exceptional nature reserves, put South Korea on your bucket list. The county has some exceptional nature reserves, including nature thrills, extensive forests, and craggy summits. There are numerous theme parks in South Korea offering breathtaking peace. These parks are well-designed and well-maintained with lots of green and water. You will find a handful of attractions such as roller coasters, walking trails, and many animal species.  The remote areas have some of the most breathtaking scenes.

Epic nightlife

Photo by Shawn Ang on Unsplash

Koreans know how to throw night parties and enjoy till the early hours. Visit the numerous underground clubs and bars in the country for the best parties until the sun comes out. For example, the Hongdae district in Seoul is the best place to experience an epic Korean bash. The Daegu Opera House has some calm settings with classical music performances. Partygoers prefer Daegu, a southern city in Korea, for the best epic nighttime entertainment.

Island Hopping

Tourists visit South Korea to explore the over 3000 islands with varying populations. All islands are worth a visit, especially in the off-season. Jejudo is one of the most popular islands with beautiful volcanic features, waterfalls, and mountain peaks. This island is considered South Korea’s Hawaii with lots of Korean history. Travelers visit the islands to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They also get to enjoy some natural wonders and stunning views. Some islands, such as Jeju, are UNESCO heritage sites containing all the traditions and cultures.

Cool cities

Image by tragrpx from Pixabay

Urban life in South Korea is an underrated feat. Apart from the rich culture and history, South Korea has some cool and innovative architectural structures. One of the best cities to visit is the capital Seoul that has futuristic buildings. The money is made up of modern architecture, eclectic shopping, delicious foods, and high-tech subways. It is a city with a mix of ancient traditions and new-age technology. Apart from Seoul’s thrilling capital, there are other exciting cities in all corners of the country.

Rich Pulsating Culture and History

Visit South Korea to experience some of its rich culture and history. The country has one of the oldest histories dating back to thousands of years preserved in the country’s museums and other cultural heritage sites. South Korea’s culture has not changed much compared to other nations due to its location. As a result, it has varied traditions kept alive throughout centuries ranging from food, culture, history, and religion. The modern cities have still embraced the culture and tradition as seen with fashions. You will find traditional clothes that have been worn for decades and enjoy traditional Korean dances.

Dazzling Temples

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

South Korea has gained popularity for its magnificent temples hidden in the remotest mountain ranges. The country has incredible temples spread over the city, offering temple stays. You will experience a temple stay and indulge in the Korean Buddhist culture tremendously to learn something new in meditation, martial arts, or yoga. Visit the Golgulsa temple on Korea’s east coast and learn Buddhist martial arts. You can also take part in tea ceremonies and eat traditional vegetarian food.

Exciting Entertainment and Year-round Festivities

There are many festivals and exciting entertainment in South Korea all year round. K-pop music culture forms a crucial part of the culture. Entertainment is paramount to everyone in South Korea, where different groups introduce new entertainment every month. For example, there are themed cafes, karaoke rooms, and gaming rooms for the younger crowd. One of the major festivities is in May, when they celebrate Buddha’s birthday. You cannot lack something to keep amused while in South Korea.

The Shopping Experience

There is so much you can do in South Korea and enjoy a fascinating shopping experience. The young people care about fashion and have created a culture around the same. There are massive discounts with items up to 90 percent off if you know where to look. Since Korea is fashion-forward, the big fashion department stores operate 24 hours a day. Supermarkets in Seoul are magnificent and have everything you may desire.

Bottom line

South Korea offers a unique mixture of history, culture, nature, and food, making it an exciting tourist destination. Whether for adventure or a relaxing temple stay, this is a fantastic place to visit and enjoy. If you are planning your next vacation, why not add South Korea to your list?

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