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MyProGuide’s Live Virtual Tours

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world?

Travel around the world during COVID-19: Right, travel during a pandemic.

Everyone wants to travel to as many countries as possible in his/her lifetime, but this might be difficult because of time, money and other constraints. Now, this is not a dream anymore, there is a new way to travel! No matter where you are, you can easily start an amazing journey at the comfort of your home via screen! All you have to do is: find a stable wifi and comfortable seat, and you are able to visit different places!

Emergence of Online Tour

As we currently live in an era of booming high-tech, everything we do is becoming “digitalized”. These days, it seems that almost everything can be done online, and traveling is one of them.

Have you ever thought about applying 5G technology into the tourism industry?

Yes, it is happening. Combine travel & 5G technology together! You can now explore the world via online, especially at the present moment when it is not convenient for us to travel; but you can just stay at home, connect to WIFI, join the tour with the tour guide, and have real-time interaction with the tour guide. You will be able to bring back your enthusiastic mood for traveling, even when at home.

MyProGuide, a professional tour guide team, just launched this new travel idea to the world, which can enable tourists all over the world to travel the world, regardless of where they are at present.

This is real-time, not video!

Choose the city and the attraction you’d like to visit, go online and virtually meet the tour guide at the location of your chosen attraction. The tour guide will show you around the area in real-time and interact with you!

Popular Attractions that Tourist Usually Choose

There may be many famous attractions that you have already visited before or are still in your wish-list, but most tourists choose destinations like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, Elephant Temple in Bangkok, even Thimpu City in Bhutan, and the Safari in Africa! 

All you need to do is sit at home, connect to the internet, enjoy your coffee and travel around the world with MyProGuide. Moreover, you are free to interact with MyProGuide’s professional tour guides, ask questions, and share your thoughts- just like traveling with a helpful buddy!

Leveraging the 5G high-speed Experience

Leveraging 5G technology, which is just around the corner, MyProGuide is combining Virtual Reality with their “Online Tour Guide” live virtual tour services to make the travel experience look even more realistic for everyone. Although still at its testing stages at the moment, you can view and experience the samples on MyProGuide’s Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/2Nm9gAY

About MyProGuide:

Headquarter: Taiwan
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 15
Branches: Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, France, Japan
Services: Online tour guide (live virtual tour), Tour guide service
Website: MyProGuide.com

Media contact: contact@myproguide.com
Travel around the world ticket – https://tour.myproguide.com/en/tours/637

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