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Travel safety tips: 8 ways to stay safe

  As countries begin to reopen to international travel, many are preparing for their first holiday. But do we still remember what should we be looking out for when traveling? Here are some reminders just to make sure your first post-pandemic trip safe and as enjoyable as possible. 

Traveling insurance 

There are so many insurance plans out there, make sure to select the one that fully cover your needs. If need to check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to ensure that they meet all of your requirements, that is especially true if you going on a business trip or participating in an educational trip. Make sure you are fully protected for the adventure! 

Keeping your personal belongings safe

Put your valuables in a safe place. Do not wear expensive jewelry or clothing in public. It is also advisable that you wear a travel belt to keep your money, passport, and keys in.  Always carry your own luggage and do not leave it unattended in public spaces. If you are staying in a hotel, make sure to use the safe to store away your valuable possessions and excess cash. If you are staying in a dorm or hostel, it is advisable to take your valuable possessions with you when you leave on your adventures. 

Managing health risks 

  Traveling can take its toll on the body. The different environment as well as time difference can lead tired travelers to develop illnesses. That is especially true for the young and the elderly. You really need to stay alert! To avoid getting ill, simple measures can be taken, such as washing hands frequently, or wearing masks in crowded places. Also, make sure that you bring your personal medication, including anti-allergy medication or inhalers for asthma sufferers. Purchasing medication in foreign countries is not always straightforward. It is best to prepare for the worst in advance. It is also advisable that you check what vaccines are needed in order to immunize against diseases that are present in your travel destination. In order to travel safely, take these early precautions so you can enjoy your holiday. 

Drink responsibly!

Holidays are a time to relax. Drinking and eating with friends and family in a beautiful foreign country is often the highlight of international travel. But it is advisable that you drink responsibly when abroad. Excessive drinking when in an unfamiliar environment can put individuals at risk. Drunk tourists are often the victims of theft. 

Scamming prevention 

Tourists that are unfamiliar with their destination’s culture and economy are often the victims of scams. In order to prevent being a victim of such a scam, tourists need to research what are the common types of scams in their holiday destination and take preventative measures in order to assure a safe and happy trip. 

Emergency information 

When travelling, make sure to keep a copy of your emergency contact details in your phone, as well as a hand written version in your wallet or travel purse. In addition, ensure that you learn the emergency numbers for the police, fire, and ambulance services in your holiday destination. 

Money management 

Before departing on your travels, make sure that you have converted money into the local currency. Airport currency exchange companies charge a very high rate. If you are planning on withdrawing money from an ATM or bank at your holiday destination, it is advisable that you first contact your bank to notify them of your travel plans. Carefully budget your trip, according to the length of time of your holiday in addition to the relative costs of the different destinations along your travel. Tourists often find that cities are more expensive than the countryside. Carefully consider how your expenses will vary across the length of your trip. 

Be careful on the internet. 

It is advisable that you post images and videos of your holiday only once you return home. There have been many cases of tourists posting pictures while they are still on holiday, telling their online audience that they are away from home. There have been some unfortunate cases of theft as a result of this social media sharing. Only use public WIFI in cases of absolute emergency. Hackers often use public WIFI providers to enter tourists’ laptops and phones to steal their personal banking information. If you have to use public WIFI in the case of an emergency, it is advisable that you first use a VPN connection to prevent hackers from entering your device. 

  As the world opens up for international travel once more after the covid-19 pandemic, tourists will have to take extra-precautions to ensure the safety of themselves and people around them. That includes not only personal hygiene, but also considering how this turbulent time may have affected the attitude towards foreigners in other countries. If you take these basic precautions, your holiday will be much smoother! Happy travelling. 

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