Your ultimate guide for your 24-hours-stay in Singapore

Located in south east Asia, people often associated Singapore with fancy malls, shopping, luxury hotels and fine dining. Some people who travel to Singapore for transfer, and you might have a whole day to explore the city. So how to make the best of a one-day trip in Singapore? Here is a perfect guide including how to get around the city and what to do for you to make the best use of your precious time. 

Traveling season in the Singapore

Weather plays an important role while traveling. However, Singapore is an exception, since there isn’t a certain season in Singapore that is “the best” time to visit. There are things in Singapore that can be done all year round. For example shopping, as shopping a national sport in Singapore, the weather wouldn’t make much differences for shoppers. However, plan on the post-Christmas and New Years and you might find some discounts and bargains, even extended shopping hours during certain seasons. Weather in Singapore is in general hot and humid throughout the year. Especially from April to August, the weather often reach to more than 30 degrees. From November to January, it is the raining seasons. There will be occasionally showers in the afternoon. 

  • Tips: if you plan on walking around in the city, as it is mostly hot and humid, do remember to dress smart!

Going around in Singapore: Transportation 

By knowing the buses, metro system and taxis, it will make your time in Singapore smoother and more convenient

Taking buses in Singapore 

It is not easy to understand the routes of buses and signs while traveling abroad, as a result, buses often come as the last choice comparing to MRT or taxis. Yet, with buses, you also can look at the nice view outside, and explore the city even better. Since the MRT in Singapore is not that extensive comparing to the buses In Singapore, the buses offer well connected network throughout the Singapore. If you learn how to take a bus in Singapore, it will save you a lot of time and money! 

Two main buses company in Singapore

the two main buses in Singapore company are SBS and SMRT, and the two new other, Tower Transit and Go-Ahead Singapore. SBS is the main bus company in Singapore, having 3400 buses in the country, they offer wheelchair on board and air conditioned on every bus. On Friday, Saturday, and long weekends, SBS offers ”night-owl” service from midnight to two am, which offers convenience for those who go on night outs. 

  • Some tips to notice 
  • Before hopping up, it is recommended to download so APP such as NextBus, SG BusLeh… etc. These APPS will help you organize the bus routes and transit, locate yourself estimate your departure and arrival schedule. You can pay by cash, either buy the tickets at the machine at the bus stops or buy an EZ-Link card at any MRT station, bus interchange, convenience stores. Also, remember to press the bell before getting off. 
Taking MRT 

The MRT in Singapore has a thirty-year history, yet it is till now well maintained and very clean. Taking the MRT, just like other public transport, MRT trains can get incredibly crowded during rush hours. 

The MRT in Singapore is also known as SMRT, it currently offers five metro lines including East West Line, North South Line, North East Line, Circle Line and Downtown Line. Apart from this, there is a express going directly to the famous tourist attraction Sentosa. (Sentosa Express)

Taking taxis and Grab 

If you prefer a quicker and private way of traveling, you might consider taking a taxi instead of going around with public transportation. It is of course pricier than public transportation, but yet affordable in Singapore. You might be hesitating- traveling in a foreign country, it is common worry about being blackmailed on a taxi or misunderstanding due to the language. Luckily, taxis in Singapore are secure and it is a bilingual country (English and Mandarin), so don’t worry! 

Standard taxis

These are seven companies you will see in the streets: Comfort, City Cab, SMRT, Trans-Cab, Premier Taxis, Prime Taxi, Yellow-Top Taxis. They are all metered and airconditioned. All of them can be easily
distinguished by color.

Using Grab 

Although taxis are almost available everywhere in the city, it might be difficult to find one during the rush hour in the city. You can consider downloading one of the most common cab App, and that is Grab. Function as an Uber in Singapore, it offers wide selection of car types and a convenient ride. 

Recommended sights for a one-day itinerary in Singapore 

As the transportation super convenient in Singapore, we will be recommending sights that both can be easily accessed and popular among tourists. Some are even within walking distances! 

Top three things Things to do near Marina Bay Sands

Take a selfie at Merlion park

You’ve might already seen this before, the most representative images of Singapore, the mythical Merlion. It is a statue with the head of a lion but with a body of a fish. The story starts with Merlion’s body, which symbolizes as Singapore began as a fishing village, and its head represents Singapore’s original name, and that is ‘lion city’ in Malay. There are around 7 statures of Merlion. Yet, comes in all kinds of sizes, the most well-known belongs to the one in Merlion Park. The view is magnificent during the night and do remember to take a picture with Merlion!

Location: 1 Fullerton Road, Marina Bay, Singapore

Explore Gardens by the Bay

About 20 minutes away from merlion park Gardens By the Bay, as the name implies, it is a huge, enormous nature park with a size of 101 hectares located in the central region of Singapore. Consists of three waterfront gardens, it is also famous for its Flower Dome, which is the largest greenhouse in the world. During the day, there is nothing better than taking a fine nice stroll in a magic garden under a humid and heating afternoon! Check out all kinds interesting flowers, green plants and huge succulent! It is also a great spot during the night. The light show held every night at 7:45 and 8:45. Plan your night at Gardens By the Bay and soak yourself in a enjoy the glamorous light performance and groovy music along! What’s more, OCBC skyway is a 128meter-long skyway, which gives you a feeling of wandering around the garden of Babylon. Offering a dreamlike scene, you will see the spectacular view of the bay and the romantic garden. 

Location:18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Light show: every night at 19:45、20:45

Have a view and get a drink at the top of the Marina Bay Sands

Going to the top of the fancy resort Marina Bay Sand, the SkyPark observation desk is where you see the whole Singapore. The rooftop is in boat shape, and the area includes a restaurant, a bar, and an observation deck. Have a relaxing afternoon and enjoy the best views of Singapore at SkyPark. 

From Marina Bay to Resorts World Sentosa 

As both Marina Bay and Sentosa iconic tourist attractions in Singapore. If you think of doing both within one day, with the efficient service of transportation, you can go around in last than an hour. From Marina Bay to Sentosa, take either bus line 97 or a metro than monorail to get there. 

Sentosa, located at the southern coast of Singapore, is a paradise-like island famous for its various entertainment. It is said to have one of the best beaches in Singapore. 

We hope you enjoy your one-day tip in Singapore. Visit MyProGuide’s website to learn more about our customized guided tours in Singapore 👉🏼

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