10 Unique Myanmar souvenirs

Souvenirs, a symbol of your journey, a piece of memory, and the small amount of portable culture. Tourism has been described as a sacred journey, with there being a need for people to bring back mementos and souvenirs of the “sacred, extraordinary time or space”, not only to aid recollection of the experience, but also to prove it. Many people like to buy or take something from the place they visited as a reminder of their great experience on their travels. Something they can show or share to their friends and families about the fantastic and great experience they had during their vacation or holiday trip. We also collect souvenirs to give as a gift to their friends and families. In that way, they can show their love and let the people around them know that they’ve also been thinking of them while they are away or on a vacation. If you are a traveler, Different parts of the world have different types of souvenirs like Food souvenirs, T-shirts, and Key chains. Unique Items to keep from around the world. Food is a good idea to buy during your travel. Especially for those who love food. Food is unique, every country in the world has different kinds of food to taste, most of them are so delicious. Shopping is a major tourist activity, with souvenir purchases forming a significant component of the shopping expenditure. Below is a list of souvenirs you can get when traveling in Myanmar:


You can find Longyi in almost any market in Myanmar, from the little village to the big city. The Longyi is a graceful traditional costume that both men and women can wear. It is a large sheet of silk that you wrap around your waist as a skirt. The Longyi is styled differently for men and women. There are also various silk designs to choose from. With as little as five dollars, you can bring home one of the more simple varieties to have as your very own. However, make sure you learn the proper technique to wear it before buying. The patterns differ by gender as well: for men, a thin plaid or woven stripe, tied by pulling the fabric tight against the back and tying an elegant knot in front. For women, anything goes: beautiful, bright batik patterns, traditional woven zig zags called ashiq, stripes or flowers. Women tie the longyi by pulling all of the fabric to one side, folding back at the hip and tucking into the opposite side of the waist, usually topped with a fitted blouse worn just to the waistband. The women also sew in a thin band of black fabric at the waist of the longyi.

Sand Painting

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One of the most unique art forms you’ll ever see is the sand paintings of Bagan, Burma. Artists paint on cloth using sand. Sand painting is a subtle art in Bagan where there are thousands of pagodas and temples depicting the development of Buddhism since the XI century. Beside Lacquer Wares, Bagan sand painting is a beautiful gift to bring back home. Traditionally, artists reproduce religious murals found on the walls of Bagan’s 1,300 temples. Sand paintings may be black and white, or composed of colored sands. Sand painters still sell their work inside or outside small temples or in the courtyards as you approach. Some artists are branching out and painting their personal riffs on traditional images, or creating their own modern ones. Take your time if you are interested in purchasing a painting.

Burmese Carpet

Myanmar is so well known for its long tradition of carpentry, especially in Mandalay. The carpets are meticulously trimmed and decorated with gold and silver patterns. Burmese carpets can be geometric or they can focus on depicting Buddhist symbols and animals like the elephant.

Buddha Statues

You do not need to be a practicing or secular Buddhist to buy a Buddha statue. In many souvenir shops in Yangon, Mandalay or Inle Lake, statues of different sizes and patterns are available on the shelves. Just remember that if you take one home with you, always treat it with respect.

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Wind chimes (Kyeezee bells)

The Kyeezee bell is a unique cultural icon of Burma. Wind chimes are thought to be good luck in parts of Asia and are used in Feng Shui. Today, wind chimes are common in the East and used to maximize the flow of chi, or life’s energy. Also known as the Burma Bell, the Kyeezee is a bronze/brass gong that is flat and triangular in shape. It is usually hung by a string and is believed to possess magical powers that help resolve quarrels and drive away evil spirits. These are a great souvenir for bringing home a bit of zen atmosphere to your garden or house. These also make a great Myanmar gift for family members or friends back home. If you are interested in a souvenir that reminds you of your beautiful Myanmar tour, then pick up a set of beautiful wind chimes. You can easily buy them outside of all of the country’s major temples.

Burmese Puppet

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Traditional Burmese puppet theatre (yoke thay) dates from the 15th century. In the 19th century it reached the peak of its popularity, but after that other types of -lighter- entertainment became more popular. Puppets have long been an integral part of Asian cultures. They have beautifully woven themselves into the social fabric in these countries through stories depicting morals, victories, and tales of wonder. Myanmar is no different. Burmese marionettes are one of the most cherished souvenirs from Myanmar. Unlike Vietnam, which is famous for water puppets, Myanmar has a sophisticated tradition of shadow puppets. Puppets make great Myanmar souvenirs for kids since they’re both a great memento but can also be played with back at home.

Burmese Lacquerware

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Lacquerware is Myanmar’s pride for its magnificent beauty that takes a professional and traditional craftsman to demonstrate his/her artwork in long processing time that can span from 6 months to a year. When exploring the temples of Bagan, you can drop into a lacquerware factory to see how people process the bamboo, preparing the paint until they have assembled the whole bowl, small wardrobe, or wall painting. A popular option for small Burmese souvenirs are lacquerware jewelry boxes. These are also a great idea for Myanmar gifts.


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Perhaps the most famous Myanmar souvenir is Inle Lake silk. The quality of the silks here is among the highest quality in Asia. Silk here soft, luxurious, and comfortable. The most unique silk is probably the kind made of lotus which is unique to Inle Lake, but there are other silks made throughout the country.

Jewelry and jade

Myanmar is a world-famous jewelry and jade production place. It is rich in jewels such as rubies, sapphires and jadeites with good quality. If you want to go to Myanmar to buy anything cheap, you have to mention jewelry. In Myanmar’s traditional markets, sightseeing areas or shopping malls, there are vendors selling jewelry. Some only need a few dollars, while others offer thousands of dollars, which is difficult to distinguish. If you want to buy genuine jewelry, it is recommended to buy it at a government licensed store to avoid being deceived.


Cigars are one of the most distinctive handicrafts in the Inle Lake, and there are many cigar workshops in its water village. Burmese cigars might not be as famous as Cubanos, but every cigar enthusiast should make sure to try one while they’re here. The best place to buy cigars is Inle Lake where people harvest the tobacco plant and create their special blends according to family traditions. The tobacco leaves are blended with palm sugar, cloves, cinnamon and other spices, which are much milder than cigarettes. Cigars are wrapped in paper made from a leaf and does not contain any synthetics. A package of eight cigars costs around one dollar, making these a great option for cheap Myanmar souvenirs, and they make great Myanmar souvenirs for him.

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