Taroko National Park : An Enchanting Place to Polish Your Soul

Twirling and swirling, tossing and turning. Within Taroko National Park, rests the grand canyon of Taiwan. Locating in east Taiwan, featuring high mountains and sheer gorges, Taroko National Park is home to many animals and the Taroko tribes.

With Liwu river running and cutting through lands, the water polishes the rocks as it passes by, leaving a trail of Taroko blue colored water and polished shining river along, making mesmerizing sceneries and eventually forming marble gorges that become the grand canyon of Taiwan, Taroko National park is highlighted with numerous waterfalls, and diverse plant forms. Taroko National park has twenty seven high peaks of the “Taiwan’s One Hundred Peaks,” people who are fond of climbing mountains can book customized tours to climb these mountains.

Jimmy has been tour-guiding customized tours for a few years, and his favorite place to be is Taroko National Park.  Climbing mountains since 18, Jimmy is amazed by the history and geographic of mountains. Having all sorts of international certificates for mountain climbing, Jimmy chooses to do customized tours and climbing tours in his most loving homeland.

Customized tours around east Taiwan is fun, but climbing tours through Taroko National park is his passion. Jimmy has been to the park countless times, yet every visit is another surprise. Following are some of the best attractions Jimmy recommends:

1. Zhuilu Old Trail

If you’re here for the breath-taking marble gorges of the grand canyon of Taiwan, Zhuilu Old Trail  is a one-day hike that you would want to take.  Zhuilu Old Trail is a path less taken from tourists, so customized tours like Jimmy’s are a great option while getting a glance at the famous gorges, safety and guidance is important. On this trail you will be able to admire the marble gorges of Taroko National park and have a closer look at the soothing Taroko blue water among tall massive marble cliffs.

2. Swallow Grotto

Swallow Grotto is where the both sides of the gorge rocks of Liwu river narrow down to meet, forming a small yet steep gap showing the greatness of nature itself. With the Taroko blue river flowing toward its end joining the the big blue sea of freedom, Swallows fly above and nesting on the near cliffs is how Swallow Grotto got its name.

3. Water Curtain Cave

Named after the world famous Chinese novel were the monkey king lives. It is described that the cave he lived in had a waterfall over it like a curtain made of water. If you take a customized tour or climbing tour, this Cave is a must-see, hidden in the valley of the Grand Canyon of Taiwan, with a Taroko blue waterfall curtain over it, hiding the mystery of history and nature inside.

4. Chingshui Cliff

A steep coastal cliff that nature has formed, looking down from its peak, facing Pacific Ocean. A trip to Hualien is not completed with a visit to this dramatic drop into the ocean. But do look out for falling rocks while you admire the beauty the wall between the Grand Canyon of Taiwan and the deep raging sea. You can take climbing tours to the peak, but do remember to check the daily road and walking conditions before setting out.

5. The Eternal Spring Shrine

One of the main tourist attraction inside the Grand Canyon of Taiwan. The shrine is built right above a waterfall, the running water of waterfalls in Chinese culture represents life and everlasting. Hence the shrine is called Eternal Spring Shrine. Viewing from the bottom, you can see the shrine above, and the water flowing underneath making it a fairy-like scenery.

We recommend travelers to visit during spring and summer, since you can escape the hot air of the city while seeing the amazing view of flowers in the mountains, flowers blowing in the chilly valley breeze, swaying to the rhythm of nature as if a parade to welcome you to their homeland, reflecting on the hospitality in every Taiwanese culture. And to heal our soul, satisfying sceneries is what our heart wants.

Watching the Taroko blue water rushing and polishing the marble gorges, as if telling you that life is going to be ok, time is like the water and we are the gorges, it takes time to mold ourselves into who we are, and hence we will become a masterpiece just like the grand canyon of Taiwan.

So book a customized climbing tour now to the grand canyon of Taiwan. Tours like Jimmy’s are great because you can learn new knowledge from the locals, see great sceneries, make new friends, and after a day in the Taroko National Park, he can end the tour with some famous dishes around the area.
After all the walking and climbing, some Taiwanese food is the best thing to soothe your belly.

Meet our tour guide:

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Jimmy Jiang | Tour guide good at guiding English-speaking visitors to explore stunning scenic spots at Taroko National Park, Hualien, East Rift Vally.

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