First Time in Kaohsiung? Top Tourist Attractions to Savor Art and Culture

Located in the southern of Taiwan, Kaohsiung is also an important city besides Taipei that travelers should take a trip to. Well-known for its warm-hearted citizens, harbor, seafood, pleasant temperature, and mountains, this two-million-population city is going to wow you about some unexpected tourist spots. And although Kaohsiung is primary famous for its ocean image and such tourist attractions, there are still plenty of places for traveler to explore its art and culture.

What is Taiwanese-style hipsters?

Interestingly, when we would like to do some activities related to literature, art, music(especially indie), film such kinds, we are easily labelled as “hipsters(文青or文藝青年, literally youngsters fond of literature and art).” However, in Taiwan, the phrase “hipster” is quite common to use as a noun or adjective, mostly showing no offensive to someone; otherwise, it just means a kind of person enjoying sophisticated lifestyle and knowledge. Kaohsiungers are no exception to this case. So, where should we go being hipsters during journey in Kaohsiung? Let’s check them out.

Where to enjoy local Art and culture in Kaohsiung?

The Pier-2 Art Center(駁二)

Speaking of Cultural creativity, Kaohsiung people would definitely mention the Pier-2 Art Center. Standing nearby the Kaohsiung harbor, such art center features the transformation and revitalization of the old prosperous Yancheng district by taking advantage of warehouses and  wasted containers, which are reused as spots for artists to show their works. In addition to welcoming talented artists to stay in, the Pier-2 Art Center are also in charge of holding several art-related festivals, such as  Kaohsiung Design Festival, the Chinese Character Exhibition, Kaohsiung International Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, Kaohsiung International Container Art Festival, Mega Port Festival, The Wall Moon Theatre, etc. 

Along the abandoned old trailway leads travelers to appreciate red-brick buildings, innovative artworks, galleries, and blue sea water of Love River. Romantic atmosphere will bring you into a new air.

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Kaohsiung Film Archive(高雄市電影館)

Positioning itself as “Public Cinema,” this film archive adjacent to lovely Love River is a must-visit for travelers who would like to experience a hipster’s holiday. Not only does Kaohsiung Film Archive provides Kaohsiung citizens with a variety of film studies books and videos, but also it has promoted film industry in Kaohsiung for quite a long time; as a matter of fact, it devotes to holding Kaohsiung Film Festival and Southern Taiwan Film and Video Festival to enhance the development of local films. Moreover, visitors can enjoy films at ease during the open time. Feel free to come over here and savor the character of Kaohsing’s movies. 

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts(高雄市立美術館)

Credit:Fine Arts

Founded by the Kaohsiung City Government and has been administered by the Kaohsiung Bureau of Cultural Affairs since 2003, this museum truly becomes an essential center for showcasing fine artworks in southern Taiwan. Visitors can joyfully take a glimpse of delicate sculptures, paintings, calligraphy works, and art library that collects related videos and documents.

Credit:Fine Arts

With the establishment of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, this area has been viewed as a more well-designed place for residents to live in; thus, wherever you walk by, simply pick up an elegant cafe and drink a cup of coffee is quite an easy job to complete your day.

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