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Tour Guide:What to Know Before Describing it Dream Job

Perhaps many people consider tour guide a dream job to travel around while earning money. Plus, you probably will gain more knowledge when probing into certain regions. However, is being a tour guide really that easy without pressure? Absolutely not. So, today, we will going to share some points that you should know before becoming a professional tour guide. Let’s check them out.

Be communicative, not talkative


Practicing how to simply tell a story to travelers, sometimes a travel tour, is somehow essential to build up your professional image. The primary reason that travelers long for a professional tour guide is their desire to listen to some meaningful, historical, or cultural stories related to this place. Please convey some useful information instead of just initiating a conversation and chatting with someone unfamiliar; as a matter of fact, doing your job well is much more than talking. You would have a great deal of preparation to work on.

Knowledgeable about local area and destinations


This part is the most basic one among the points. It is recommended that you live in the cities or regions you want to introduce for quite a long time; in this case, you would be able to share something hidden yet fabulous, such as street foods, a restaurant at a single alley, where to listen to great music…If you can study some historical and cultural information to better speak it up to travelers, it would be a dream job for you to wander around.

Great sense of direction


Needless to say, being a professional tour guide needs a great sense of direction that helps guide travelers to reach tourist attractions. Travelers might not be willing to encounter such situation like getting lost in foreign countries and wasting lots of time; that’s why they would like to hire a tour guide to sort this matter out. If you are not able to meet this basic standard, you probably need more practice and preparation to improve this ability. 

Able to tackle unexpected accidents


Embarking on a new journey is always exciting and full of unpredictable matters, and those are what make traveling challenging yet intriguing. From this point of view, many travelers would prefer hiring tour guide familiar with local regions to avoid stepping into some hazardous areas. And that means being a tour guide requires a keen eye for local information, geological location, and culture. Imagine, when badly astonished at robbery, how would you quickly respond and secure everything. 

Thus, as a local resident, being kind and friendly to neighbors would help establish good connections in the region. Once faced on accidents, they may give your good hand. This is also a kind of ability to deal with difficulties.

Good at handling tour travel


Hiring a tour guide is really common in family travel, and what a professional tour guide ought to do is to make them happy and keep an eye on their safety. If faced with many people, you might find it challenging to settle accommodations, flights, tickets, etc.. Completely devoted to all these details associated to your tour travel is demanding and absolutely needs a great deal of efforts to check.

To sum up, are you really fond of settling everything down for travelers during journey? Also, you are proud of detailing and sorting complex itineraries. If yes, then you would be an appropriate candidate for being a great tour guide. Furthermore, if collecting information not a tough and complicated task for you, you also own an advantage of being a tour guide. 

Time management is gold as well


As for time-conscious travelers, consulting a local tour guide is a more efficient way of getting to know a new city. Restricted to limited time, travelers still manage to wandering around some popular tourist attractions that amaze many people. So, as a tour guide, besides equipped with knowledge connected to the local regions, you have to schedule itineraries nicely and exactly in order to balance tourist quality and timeline.


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