Experience Singapore Nightlife:6 Best Things to Do

Singapore is often considered as extremely bustling cosmopolis that many people would visit for their business trips. However, Singapore features its super safe, clean, tidy, well planned, and multicultural environment.

Combining all these advantages as well as convenience of public transportation, Singapore is definitely a wonderland magnetic for not only people doing business, but for those desperate to explore more about sparkling unknown world. Today we would like to share where and how to have fun during night time when you travel to Singapore. Let’s check them out.

China Town of Singapore:Discover Chinese culture and party as well


According to demographics statistics, the majority of population of Singapore is Chinese(almost 75%), so travelers can easily appreciate Chinese culture inherited from Chinese immigrants since hundred years ago. Without saying, travelers should not miss out the chance to visit the China Town(牛車水 in Chinese)in Singapore. 

Typical Singaporean foods such as Char Kway Teow(Fried flat noodles ), Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Dimsuns(Cantonese snacks)etc., can be found in China Town Food Street; walking alone the streets, you can pick up some delicacies at each nostalgic food stand, reminding people of Chinese tradition of old time. Moreover, China Town is crowded with characteristic bars and clubs, and please don’t skip this spot if experiencing party time in Singapore is your aim.

Hungry at night? Try some genuine snacks in night markets


Despite the fact of that Chinese is the main group of Singapore, Lion City welcomes people from various backgrounds to reside in and thus boasts a mingling of cultures, which reflects on what they consume every day on the table; ingredients and the way of cooking originated from Malay, Indian and Western culinary style transform and define Singaporean food culture. 

When feeling hungry and yearning for some delicacies to refill your energy, you need to roam at night markets in Singapore to acknowledge this place through food culture. Besides wandering around China Town Street Market, you may also travel to Tekka Centre, Bugis Street Market, and Little India Arcade to select a variety of foods and souvenirs.

Can’t stand the desire to shop at big malls? Then pick one


Of course, standing as a highly developed city, Singapore provides travelers with a wide array of selections of shopping areas to enjoy; from luxurious options, to more local and economical souvenirs, you name it, you get it.


As we mentioned some foods and night markets to go at night, now you may question where to do indoor shopping, especially huge malls, right? Chill out. Don’t be anxious about failing to find a shopping mall here. Paragon Shopping Mall, Vivo City, Knightsbridge Mall, and ION Orchard are all sparkling stars seen at night; surely, it’s convenient to go. 

Mustafa Centre gives travelers a paradise to shop-even in the midnight

If still desperate to shop in the midnight, you can’t neglect this 24-hour-open department storel-Mustafa Centre, located in the Little India District. Although it’s far small-scale compared to luxurious shopping malls, Mustafa Centre features a variety of Jewellery, textiles, foods, household products, and souvenirs which caters to the likings of travelers; some even view the mall as the finest spot to shop and collect souvenirs back home.

Boat Quay: Savoring drinks and river scens


Staying by riverside at a new visited city can earn you a chance to appreciate splendid river scenes with the help of urbanization in harmony with water reflection; lights from skyscrapers form such picture for visitors to take some drink at ease at the same time. If fond of this type of feeling, you may sit down in a fine restaurant or bar nearby Boat Quay and enjoy the night with the loved one.

Close to the nature at night? Why not? Let’s Safari 


Usually we visit zoos and approach wildlife during daytime for better taking pictures of them. Somehow, embarking on a journey of night safari would be creative and inspiring for most visitors. Let’s make it different. If you are eager to stay close to the nature at night, then why not?

Plan a trip to Singapore Night Safari, the first nocturnal wildlife park in the world that provides visitors with different walking trails as well as exciting shows. It’s amazing to say hello to many nocturnal animals you seldom meet before and find out what types of animals dwelling in the Lion City. More information you may check out here:Wildlife Reserve Singapore.

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