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Exploring Thailand:Your ultimate travel guide

Thailand, where is famous for its amazing food and friendly people, stunning scenery, it has been one of the most popular destinations among the tourists. Also known as the “Land of a Thousand Smiles”. As the name implies, the land is full of smiling locals filled with friendliness. Yet, it might be a little stressful planning on a trip to where you haven’t been at all. With all the information, you will know traveling in Thailand is an easy thing!

Getting around in Thailand: Transportation 

Landing on the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has kinds transportation comes in many forms.  Including Songthaews, bus, motorcycle taxis, subways, taxis and Tuk Tuks. 

Tuk Tuks


One of the most iconic means of transport in south Asia. Tuk Tuck is a three wheeled vehicle going around in the big cities. Taking a ride on a Tuk Tuk will be a memorable experience you can’t miss in Thailand. However, before you jump on one, make sure to make sure the fare because it is more expensive than other transports, or just in case being ripped off by the Tuk Tuk driver.


     Meaning “two rows” in English, Songthaews are basically tiny pick-up trucks with two rows of seats for the passengers to put their legs on. Giving you a great opportunity to do a proper city view, and it costs less to get around. Yet, songthaews aren’t that common in big cities such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai but smaller towns. 

Motorcycle taxis 


For those looking for cheap and instant transport with short distances, motorcycle taxis are perfect for you. Can be found in most cities in Thailand, they are without a doubt, the most convenient choice in general. As the name implies, you will be expecting to sit on the back of a motorcycle, so it might be not be an ideal choice if you are with big backpacks. 

Best season to travel in Thailand 


Range of 18 to 38°C, be ready for the general hot and humid weather. The wet season in Thailand raining season lasts till six months long. Yet, there are about three months of dry and breezy winds in the winter (around November to April) If you are more of a sunny, beach person, visiting Thailand throughout the year will be a plan for you. However, some remote parts of the district could be closed while rainy season. 

Knowing the customs: Dos and Don’ts 


It is very important to educate yourself on local customs before going somewhere. There are taboos in Thai culture that you should be aware of before traveling. Here are some important dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

  • Do take of your shoes 
  • Do dress appropriately 
  • Do remember to standup when the national anthem is being played. 
  • Don’t deface any of the Thai money
  • Don’t touch the Buddhist monks if you are a woman. 
  • Don’t touch any people’s head
  • Do respect the King or the Royal Family
  • Do be respectful around images of Buddha. 
  • Do remember to behave well when visiting a temple
  • Do remember to tip
  • Do be careful when taking a taxi 
  • Do use your right hand instead of left hand 
  • Don’t throw your gum on the floor
  • Don’t point with your feet 
  • Don’t Step on Money in Thailand 

What to eat in Thailand


Food is one of the most exciting part when it comes to traveling. Doing a local food crawl is the definitely one of the must dos. Thailand like the country itself ,Thaifood cuisine is fascinating. MyProGuide has summarized what to know about Thai food and what to eat! 

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Top mouthwatering dishes 


Guay Teow (Noodle Soup)

Starting off our list with Guay teow. Meaning any type of noodle soup, it can be made with chicken, pork, or beef with either transparent rice noodles or egg noodles. The broth is thick and tasty, and coming along sometimes with wontons or meatballs. This dish is finished up with a fine selection of condiments such as spicy chillie peppers, fresh lime juice, and tasty fish sauce. Guay Teow is a real taste of Thai, and the Thai people can eat Guay Teow any time during the day or late-night snack. 

Pad Thai (Thai Fried Noodles)


Who doesn’t like fried noodles? One of Thailand national dishes and a popular dish for tourists who just starting their Thai cuisine discovery, Pad thai is a type of Thai style fried noodle which mostly made with shrimp or chicken, or veggies. Pad thai is so cheap and delicious that can be available on every street. 

Tom yum (Thai hot and sour soup) 


Tom yum gets its name from Thai words, which means the boiling process of a type of hot and sour soup. Usually cooked up with shrimp or prawn, Tom yum has been known for its strong, hot and sour flavor, with a touch of exotic spices and herbs. It is a typical Thai dish that you can’t miss. 

Laab (Thai Salad) 

As we already introduced noodles and soup, now we come to the side salad-Laab. In its most classic form, laab is a northeastern Thai salad composing from savory meat and lots of flavorful fresh herbs. 

 Mango sticky rice


If you happen to be a sweet tooth, then you will sure be falling in love with the desserts in Thailand. This place is full of dessert wonders, so don’t miss out on its national dessert: mango sticky rice. With freshly sliced on top of steaming sticky rice, this dessert is soaked in thick and sweet coconut milk. 

Stunning beaches, sunny weather, and mouthwatering cuisines—- Thailand is a proper package of holiday getaway. With great tips and all the things you should know before this mysterious, colorful country, you will sure enjoy your trip in Thailand. 

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