Myanmar Travel : 5 Hidden Gems Cannot Be Ignored

When you think of Myanmar, what kinds of tourist attractions and characteristics would come into you? Besides talking about Buddhism as usual, as a world traveler, we need to dig more into other Myanmar destinations for sure. Here let’s list out some simple examples to guide you there.

Have a Journey to Burmese Belief:Temple visit

As Burmese believe in Buddhism, temples, pagodas are really common that foreign visitors may easily seize the chance to take a glimpse of its exotic and mysterious beauty. And a great number of tourist attractions.


Mingun Temple:Traced back to the late 18 century, Mingun Temple(also known as Mingun Pahtodawgyi or Mingun Paya) is still famous as the largest scale of brick-made Buddhism temple. As a matter of fact, this huge temple has been not yet completed since 18 century. Furthermore, there features the second-largest working bell, which weighs 90 tons. 


Hsinbyume Pagoda:Built in 1816 and also known as Myatheindan Pagoda, Hsinbyume Pagoda shines with the characteristics of white appearance, sharp dome, and wave-like structures. This all-white architecture withstands a severe earthquake and a long history. You may appreciate Ayeyarwady River nearby once stepping up the top.

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Laid-back Time in the Nature: Ngapali Beach


In addition to appreciating religious and historical charm, finding natural places as a base to escape from hustle and bustle is quite essential for many tourists without saying. Ngapali Beach might be your dream wonderland to chill out; blue sky, white sand, pleasant sunshine and tropical plants, you name it. It doesn’t matter whether you kill your time alone or with a group of friends because there are plenty of water activities, such as boating, fishing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, etc. for visitors to enjoy. You may experience the true and authentic culture of local Burmese.

Exotic Place to Calm Mind Down:Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue

In such a Buddhism country, you might be surprised at the presence of other religious buildings, and Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue-the last remaining Jewish house of worship-could be your next destination to observe exotic and holy atmosphere in Myanmar. Resembling other Jewish buildings, Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue does the same job-keep every visitor calm and peaceful; the solemn sanctuary, the ark housing, stairs, and balcony form a picture of prayer and hope that even new visitors could pursue.

Excitement with Diverse Colors:Taw Win Art Gallery


Standing as the most prestigious and well-known art market in Yangon, Taw Win Art Gallery,definitely appeals to tons of tourists to savor a wide alley of artistic works showcased in the gallery. At this moment, you believe that Yangon provides you with culture, nature, and color of life. 

Vibrant Must-visit City:Mandalay


Well-noted for its abundant culture and heritages, Mandalay is the second biggest city which serves as a home to many Chinese offsprings. Thus, with a mingling of cultural and historical reasons, Mandalay remains an enchanting tourist destination gathering royal palaces, temples, natural resources, and Chinatown; you may reserve some time for the food-trying itinerary when wandering around the local Chinatown.

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