Myanmar Travel Guide:7 Types of Foods for Vegans and Vegetarians

First-time vegan travelers might wonder where to feast on when traveling to Myanmar(or Burma). As a matter of fact, savoring foods in Myanmar is not so tough for vegans or vegetarians. Therefore, this article is going to share where we should have a meal during the journey in Myanmar. 

Why Myanmar is a good place for vegan travelers?


As most of the population in Myanmar believe in Buddhism, there is no lack in the option of vegetarian food; also, due to the deep influence of its neighboring country-India, searching for India-style of a vegetarian meal is not a big meal either.

What word need to say?Let’s learn the keyword


“Thut thut luh” is the word that all vegans and vegetarians should really keep in mind. Literally, “thut thut luh” means “lifeless” in Burmese, so if vegetarian travelers points at Burmese cuisine, and utter this word, perhaps the local people can guess the expression.

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What dishes you can find in Myanmar?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options for vegetarians to choose on the road. Let’s check out some of them below.

  • Fried bread stick:Fried break stick or fried dough is considered a typical Chinese/ Cantonese cuisine. However, in Myanmar, local people also eat it with coconut milk for breakfast.
  • Salads:Where there are vegetables, there is the way for vegetarian travelers. In Myanmar, travelers will view here paradise to savor salads; in fact, there are many types of salads, such as pennywort salad(myin kwa yuet thote), shan tofu salad (tohu thote), tea leaf salad(lahpet thoke), etc.. Local people would make good use of authentic ingredients, like fruits, spices, cabbages, onions, tomato, peanuts, and chilis to mix up some mouth-watering tastes.
coconut noodle from flickr
  • Rice with Burmese Curry:It sounds simple yet delicious with heavy sauce for vegetarian travelers, and this dish is not hard to find in Myanmar. And you can taste vegetables as side dishes. 
  • Deep-fried stuffed Tofu:Tofu plays an important role in providing vegetarians with nutritions and proteins, and deep-fried tofu stuffed with some vegetables, cabbages, and some sauces can be your favorite street food…
  • Fruits:Thanks to a tropical location, resembling other neighboring countries, Myanmar is also home to many sorts of fruits; watermelons, durians, bananas, jackfruits, avocados, mango, you name it. While wandering in the streets, you probably can see a kind of special fruit called sour palms that look red and small, and they will be baked and sold by weight. Needless to say, fruits are the best friends that ease vegetarian travelers’ hunger and thirst on the journey.
  • Tea:Burmese are fond of drinking tea, which can be seen as a wonderful beverage for vegetarians. As travelers may notice, they are casually walking into a tea shop in Myanmar, dip a cup of tea with milk, and chill out in the afternoon.
  • Miscellaneous street foods: Besides drinking tea, why not taking a bite of a variety of street foods in Myanmar. For example, dried fruits, rice dumplings, pancakes, rice crackers can all be your cuisine in the mouth.

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