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5 Advice to Become a Better Tour Guide

Showing people around is what a tour guide does, but a tour guide with ethics is what makes them better and stands out from the crowd. All professions have ethics, and because of these ethics, tourists are provided with better service and feel the true professionals in one.

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Here are some ethics for people who want to become a better tour guide:

1. Always be Arrive Early

As a professional, being punctual is the base of everything. We recommend you not only be on time for your tours but you should arrive early. There is a lot you can benefit from being early. A quick check on your tourists’ information to see if the route you have planned is suitable or not, and whether they have left any new messages for you. Check if you’ve got all the tickets right (if tickets are required). And allow yourself to calm down from all the fuss during your transportation to the meeting point. 

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Greet your customers looking professional. Usually, it is the tourists that come in a hurry. If they see you already waiting for them at the meeting point, they can feel how punctual and professional you are, as people say “first impressions matters.”

Finishing your tour on time can show another level of your profession. If your tour goes as said on the itinerary, tourists acknowledge that you know what you are doing and that you had fully prepared before you came.

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2. Dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately is another basic ethic tour guides should be aware of. As mentioned above, first impressions are the key to how people think of you. Showing up tidy and clean can give the idea of you as an organized person. As a professional tour guide, always note that wearing bright colors is an excellent way to help your tourists find you and help you stand out in crowded tourist spots.

3. Do not exaggerate things you don’t know. 

As a tour guide, giving information is a very big part of the job, and it requires a lot of research ahead. Make sure you do not exaggerate things. If you are not sure of something, it is fine to admit but never try to impress your customers and make up a false story. Remember, you are like a teacher, giving your students information and knowledge. 

4. Tourists first, shopping second.

Tourism is usually closely related to the economy. With tourists in one place, they buy things and souvenirs, and it is a great help with a country’s economy. We all know that some tour guides or companies have partnerships with other vendors and stores, tour guides can get some percent of how much their customers spend in that store. We should remember to be a tour guide with ethic. Do not push your customers to buy things that are clearly overpriced. Like an excellent tour guide, we should put ourselves in other’s shoes and think about what is best for them. Share your own shopping experience and where to get cheap, but great value souvenirs are what people like to know

5. Know your customers

At the end of the day, the most popular and well-liked tour guide is always the one that brings laughter to the group. To be an excellent tour guide, you have to know your customers. What they like and what they don’t. It will help you skip information on things they are not interested in and add information on things that they are. Although some tourists come in groups, you should let them feel that this tour is made for each and every one of them. People like to feel they are consequential and special.

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Be a tour guide with good ethics, it shows your professionalism and lets people know you take your job seriously. With these ethics above, sure you can become a better tour guide in no time.

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