Spending New Years In Taiwan: 5 Places to Watch the Fireworks

Getting a bit chilly here in Taiwan, putting some layers and gloves on, you suddenly realize it is already December. One of the major celebrations during December is definitely the upcoming new year. Now, the question is where and how? As watching fireworks a must-do activity for new year celebration, MyProGuide is taking you to the best spot for your new year fireworks in Taiwan! 

Save a spot at “Taipei Manhatten” for the firework display at Taipei 101 

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Modeled after a bamboo stick, Taipei 101 was once the tallest building until 2011. 

It’s one of the most iconic landmarks that is impossible to miss. Featuring a five-minute-long display and thousands of glittering, glamorous LED lights. The area around Taipei 101, Xinyi District, is said to be the “Taipei Manhatten”. As the name implied, it is a fancy area with many boutiques and commerce buildings. It is a popular destination especially new year’s eve, so it would be usually extremely crowded. Go earlier to have a nice spot for the breath-taking fireworks. 

For more information check it out here: 

#Surprise101 #Taipei1012020 高空跨年擁抱愛首度舉辦高空跨年派對嗨翻信義區今年台北 101 首度結合 DJ、魔術奇幻表演、移動式電子弦樂團表演,在 2019 年畫下完美句點之後,立馬攜手迎接 2020…

台北101觀景台さんの投稿 2019年11月15日金曜日


Hike to Xiangshan for a starry night (Elephant Mountain)

Going to a mountain on the new year eve? Sounds quite fun, isn’t it? For those looking for a quieter spot for new year’s eve and be away from all the hustle and bustle city center, Elephant Mountain is the best spot for you. Nearby Taipei 101 is the mountain that is said to have the best view of Taipei city, Elephant Mountain. The hike to the peak of the mountain is about 20 minutes, and you will be enjoying the spectacular view of Taipei city. Bring some beers and hike to the peak on new year’s eve, this spot is where all the magic happens. 

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How to get there: From Taipei 101, walk east on Xinyi Road (信義路) for two blocks until you reach MRT Xiangshan Station, only a 15-minute walk from 101 and completely worth it. To get there faster, take a YouBike from the station across the street from 101 (MRT Exit 2), then return the bike at the park nearby the trail entrance. By MRT: Get off at Xiangshan station (象山), Exit 2 and continue walking till the end of the road, take a left turn at the corner and you will see Xiangshan Hiking Trail (象山登山步道)

A magical night at Kaohsiung E-DA World 

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Kaohsiung, the second biggest city in Taiwan, is a charming city the biggest harbor in Taiwan. Visit E-DA Theme Park, a Greek Aegean Sea style and three major areas: Acropolis, Mountain City, and Trojan Castle. E-DA will assure you epic New Year’s Eve awesomeness, with great performances coming along with breathtaking fireworks. Welcoming visitors of all ages to celebrate the magical moment when the clock strikes midnight. Head to Kaohsiung, your special destination to be on New Year’s Eve. With a magnificent ferries wheel in the back, it gives the best view of this lovely city. At new years eve, you would feel like being in another world in the E-DA world. Enjoy your magical new year eve in Kaohsiung. 

official website: https://solomo.xinmedia.com/photo/159013-edathemepark

Enjoying a romantic night at Janfusun Fancy World (2020劍湖山幸福Fancy Go) 

Photo By: 劍湖山世界

Enjoying great reputation, Janfusun has created many memories for the Taiwanese childhood. This year, Janfusun is featuring 566-second fireworks, great concerts which invite many famous pop singers, with its theme this year- the romantic fairy wheel and its amazing lightning show. Spend your new year eve with at Janfusun for a romantic one!

Partying at Tainan starting from Christmas (台南好young) 

Tainan, one of the oldest cities with lots of story and history behind, is a charming city attracting many tourists. This year, in order to make it even more fun, it is a massive celebration combining with Christmas! Starting already from the beginning of December, it is a series of events including music events, concerts, the Christmas market, and the final countdown! 

Keep yourself updated with all the events happening in December in Tainan: https://www.facebook.com/tainanyoungdec/

Whether you are more of a morning person who loves to watch the first sunrise of the new year or more of a party animal going for a night out on new year eve. Watching the fireworks would be a great way to celebrate your new years with your beloved ones, your friends, or your family. So, don’t miss out on the amazing fireworks for your trip to Taiwan this year!

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