A Spooky Halloween in Taiwan | Best Places to Go to for Halloween in Taiwan

Walking in the streets in Taiwan, getting a little bit breezy, you started to notice the pumpkin decorations, spooky visual arts in the stores. Aha, Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween, a popular festival from American culture, is widely celebrated in Taiwan. Are you more of an event goer, or you would like to visit haunted houses to experience a real spooky feeling? Or maybe both? 

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Fun events for events goers 

1. Trick or treat at Taipei Tianmu Halloween festival (台北天母搞什麼鬼)

Tianmu has been the most American area in Taipei, and this is why Halloween a big thing in Tianmu. Be ready for a fun parade, thousands of people dressed in costumes. In addition to a crazy parade, there are food stands, pumpkin-carving contests, live performers, and trick or treating opportunities at the shops along the streets. If you’re here in Taipei, this is a can’t miss Halloween to-do!

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/lovetianmu/posts/3129879243696791/

Time: 2019/10/26 13:00~22:00

Location: Zhongcheng Road, Tianmu District, Tianmu Sports Area 

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2. Party with the animals at Taipei Zoo Zoolloween Party(台北市立動物園 Zoolloween萬聖節來跑趴)

Like the Taipei Tianmu Halloween Festival, it is an event that is family-friendly and welcome people of all age. This year, 2019, will be its 11th year officially. A series of spooky and fun activities starting from the 17th of October will last at least a week. Both parents and kids are invited to dress up, wear costumes while enjoying the event. Not only is it an exciting celebration for Halloween, but it is also an opportunity to learn more about wildlife and animal conservation.

For more details: http://www.facebook.com/TaipeiZoo

Time: 2019/10/17~25

Address: Taipei Zoo: No. 30, Sec.2, Xinguang Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 11656

3. Hit the Club for a night out for Halloween 

Feel like clubbing and parties for Halloween? Yes, many clubs in Taipei held fun themed events for special occasions. Most of the time, the clubs are for free for ladies and students on special days, check the event for a fun night out in Taipei!

Clubs in Taipei with Halloween parties: 

  • Triangle – Yumen Street, Zhongshan District
  • OMNI Nightclub – Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District
  • AI Nightclub – No. 12, Songshou Road, Xinyi District

Visit authentic haunted Houses in Taiwan

Halloween doesn’t count if there isn’t anything spooky, does it? Why not visit a haunted house and spend your Halloween this way? With a diverse history background, the haunted places in Taiwan are rich with thrilling stories behind! 

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1. Minsyon Haunted House (Chiayi County)

Photo by Yvonne Kao on Flickr

Starting off with one of the most famous haunted houses, a bit south in Chiayi county for a real deal haunted mansion in Minsyon. Minsyon Haunted House, a three-story mansion built in 1929 for a wealthy family.

Photo by Jimmy Hsu on Flickr

Long, long, time ago the host of the mansion fell in love with the family’s female servant. His wife then found out about the affair and become jealous and mistreated her by abusing the housemaid until she could no longer take it. In the end, she chose to throw herself into a well to end her life.

Photo by Yvonne Kao on Flickr

As time passed, the husband and wife, overnight guests or no matter who has been to the mansion reported hearing and seeing the spirit of the dead female servant around the residence. Since then, no one dares to live in the house. Yet, curiosity has made the Minsyon house a popular place to visit and photograph especially on All Hallows’ Eve.  

2. Xinglin Hospital (Tainan City)

Photo by Sen Lin on Flickr

A haunted hospital can be really scary, huh? Located in the ancient city, Tainan, the Xinglin Hospital is considered the most haunted location in Taiwan. Opened in 1975 during the Taiwan Economic Miracle and was once the largest hospital in Tainan. However, the hospital was shut down in 1993 due to a dispute related to public labor insurance.

Photo by Greenset on Flickr

Furthermore, there were scandals involving medical malpractice and allegations of wrongful death. You will find abandoned operating beds, medical equipment, pharmaceutical supplies while exploring this haunted building. Rumor has it that the spirits of the patients that died here never left, and still roam the hallways. What makes it scarier is that the local residents often reported hearing sounds of crying and screaming coming from the hospital. 

4. UFO Houses (San Zhi Resort, new Taipei)

Located in New Taipei city, it is also known as the UFO houses of Sanjhih, Sanzhi pod houses or Sanzhi Pod City. The UFO houses were a set of abandoned and never completed buildings. With its round shape signature, it has attracted many tourists for its iconic and abandon look and its story behind. Began in 1978.

The houses were intended to be a resort for American military and wealthy travelers. Yet, the housing project was abolished in the 1980s due to structural design flaws, and a lack of funding. All the spooky feelings began during construction when there were numerous mysterious suicides that took place.

5. The Keelung Home (Keelung City),

Regarded to be the most expensive haunted location in Taiwan due to its location in the port city of Keelung. With its iconic baroque style, it is built by a wealthy family, the Lin family in the 1930s. In the 1950s, it was then turned into a bar for the American forces based in Taiwan. The story started with a young woman working at the bar who became pregnant by an American soldier. Longing to go back to America with the soldier to raise the child, she got refused by the soldier and even got taunted by him. To revenge for the child and herself, on the soldiers last night in Taiwan, the young woman set the bar on fire. Killing many including the young pregnant woman and the American soldier, it was a tragic night that made it abandon. After the incident, many residents have reported seeing a girl’s burnt face in the house and odd lights during the night. 

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With so much opportunity for fun and events going on, are you prepared for a fun weekend? Whether you are more for a fun night out, a spooky haunted house exploration, or a festival feel during Halloween. You will surely have a fun Halloween weekend in Taiwan!

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