4 Tips to Plan the Perfect Itinerary in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country with populous cities and diverse cultures, it appeals to numerous travelers flocking to have their vacation here. Because the Philippines consists of at least 7,000 islands, making it the perfect place to chill out and enjoy water activities while island hopping. However, for some travelers, scheduling itineraries based on the length of their trip can sometimes be quite challenging. Therefore, we have listed some tips to help you organize your travel.

Tip 1:Decide how long You will stay

Always be aware of the length of your trip, because you could never see everything in a short period, right? A 1~2 day travel plan is totally different from that of a 4-day or a 1-week. As a result, consider how many days are you planning to stay abroad and work your travel itinerary around it.

Tip 2:Don’t take your travel plan too seriously

Some of us prefer to travel with a well-thought-out-detailed plan, which saves valuable time during the journey. Nonetheless, don’t stress yourselves out if something doesn’t work out as planned. Leave some room for spontaneous adventures. Otherwise, you might feel stress and overwhelmed if something doesn’t go as planned. Traveling should be about learning about new places and enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

Tip 3:Select Destinations 

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Generally speaking, we recommend visiting 2~4 tourist destinations in a single day. Don’t try to rush yourself. On the contrary, space the destinations out a little bit. Sometimes, when you’re wandering around a paradise-like area or historical museum, time can pass by more quickly than you expect. If you have something on your bucket list, then remember to slow down your pace so you can appreciate and enjoy the scenery without feeling rushed.

Tip 4:Consult Local or Pro Guide

Too many options for you to filter? Want to discover somewhere or something hidden yet amazing? Then, perhaps asking a local guide could help you straight to the point. Seeking someone knowledgeable about the local area could save you time and money.

Find your Filipino Guide Here.

How to Plan a Perfect Itinerary? Take 1-2 day Itinerary for Example

As we have published the article:6 Things Not to Miss if You Only Have 24 Hours in Manila, if you only have 1~2 days in the Philippines, you can use it as a reference.

Manila, as mentioned before, is an ideal base for traveling to other cities, islands, or even neighboring Southeast Asian countries, due to its convenient location and booming development of transportation, including LCC(Low-Cost Carrier). Therefore, while getting wowed by vibrant urban life, you could fly to any island featuring totally different cultures and aquatic life. After that, besides fully immersing yourselves in natural beauty, perhaps spend some free time shopping at some all-inclusive malls, such as SM Mall of Asia(SM MOA)would definitely give you a laid-back day. 

Day 1

・Morning:Explore Intramuros, the ancient wall heritage constructed during the Spanish Colonial Period.

・Lunch:Try Chinese foods blended with Filipino style at Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown.

・Afternoon:After getting filled by exotic yet local cuisine, why not causally roam at Binondo this area to find out how Chinese culture has rooted in Manila. You may see several stores selling Chinese herbs, traditional styles of cakes and desserts. 

・Evening:With the approaching of night, how about walking side by side with the loved one along the seashore? Then going to SM Mall of Asia(SM MOA) would be a great choice. It’s easy to reach there, even by Manila Metro-LTR 1. It takes you roughly 50 minutes from Station Carriedo to EDSA. Also, shopping and dining in a fancy mall sound romantic, right? 

Day 2

Photo by Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

・Morning:Drink a cup of coffee waking up in the Makati Center, and then have your second day started with a cultural and historical tour. You could join a tour to Corregidor Island, which exists many remainings related to WWII, such as military forts, old dormitories for soldiers. This kind of tour takes you about a half-day to join.

・Lunch:It’s time to taste Filipino foods. Don’t know what to order? How about starting with ‘Adobo’(a mixture of braised seafood, vegetables, and meat) and ‘Halo-halo’(famous icy drink with fruits and jelly). 

・Afternoon & Evening:Coming back from Corregidor Island, you could visit the well-known National Museum of Natural History to get to know more about Manila. 

Want to travel and experience more? 

LCC is super useful to fly you to Filipino dream islands. And if you are still debating whether to go to the Philippines here is an article to convince you The Philippines in a Minute: 7 Essential Reasons Why You Should Add Philippines to Your Bucket List

The Philippines would never let you down. Don’t forget the Philippines contains 7,000 islands that cover all over the regional ocean. Pick one and action now.

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