3 Places to Escape From Urbanism in Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, or otherwise known as Rangoon, is one of the most famous cities to visit in Myanmar. It will be probably the first city that you see in Myanmar, and it is also the largest city in Myanmar. Besides the astonishing pagodas that are scattered throughout the city, Yangon is also surrounded by many natural attractions and parks. It is perfect for walking around and relaxing away from the crowded tourist areas. Walking around and enjoying every bit of what nature has to offer. Parks are also ideal for taking pictures and freezing those unforgettable moments we get while traveling. MyProguide is taking you through 3 must-see nature-related places in Yangon.

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1. Catch A Breather in The Maha Bandula Park

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Maha Bandula Park is located at the heart of the downtown area of Yangon. The park’s most famous feature is the independence monument standing 165 ft tall and engraved with lion images. A little bit of historical background, from 1867-1948 there was a Queen Victoria Statue where the independence monument is standing now. The memorial was built in 1948 after Myanmar declared independence from England, replacing the Queen Victoria Statue which was ultimately shipped back to England.

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Its strategic location makes it a perfect place for a pleasant stroll and de-stress for a bit for the adults while children find it as a joyful playground. With that said, you will be able to see visitors at all times and from all ages. It is an excellent place to enjoy the local culture and diversity. Besides, surrounding the park, you can find many colonial-style buildings, including the City Hall, the High Court, and the old Row & Co department store.  

2. Enjoy a Fountain Dance at Myanmar People’s Park

Myanmar People’s Park is next on our not miss to visit nature-related places in Yangon. Myanmar People’s park is 130 acres wide with and offers an unobstructed view to the Shwedagon Pagoda. Myanmar People’s compound includes children playgrounds, art galleries, and many botanic green areas for visitors to rest.

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Starting from the evening and throughout the night time, you will be able to see the magnificent dance of beautiful water fountains. You can also see Myanmar ethnic dance on some special days, such as Independence Day, Union Day, National Day, and some summer holidays. Most of advertising and campaign are hold in the Myanmar People’s Park. This place is also quite near to the National Museum. Which adds to the reason why Myanmar people’s park is one of the areas not miss in Yangon.

3. Feel Like A Royal At Kandawgyi Lake (Royal lake)

Kandawgyi (Royal Lake) is next on our agenda of places to meet with nature in Yangon. Kandawgyi Lake is an artificial lake that was built by the British as a reservoir. There are 110 acres of the garden area, and the lake occupies 150 acres. At Kandawgyi, you can walk around and see a variety of beautiful flowers while observing the scenic view of the lake standing underneath large shady trees to escape from the burning sun. There is also an area with children playground, a mini zoo, many souvenir shops, and several restaurants.

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Kandawgyi is famous for the Karaweik Hall. Karaweik Hall looks like a huge golden barge floating on the Kandawgyi lake. You can see the glittering effect from the reflection of the sun. From the Kandawgyi lake, you can also see the Shwedagon pagoda. Besides, the sunset view from Kandawgyi is breathtaking. If you are looking for a place to meet with nature and a fresh breath of air in the busy city; Don’t miss a visit to Kandawgyi (Royal Lake), you’ll be amazed by the scenery here.

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