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Located in northern Bangkok, Ayutthaya is an ancient city in Thailand, which is about 80 kilometers from Bangkok. Ayutthaya in Bangkok played an important role as kingdom capital in the 14th century. It is an important world heritage and was later listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage. Filled with many Buddhist temples, Ayutthaya is perfect for those who like ancient sightseeing!

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In addition to seeing Ayutthaya the World Heritage in person as Thailand travel tips, you can also enjoy the Ayutthaya Boat Noodle, visit Ayutthaya night market, and you would definitely see the sightseeing that is very different from central Bangkok. Today we are going to recommend you the must-visit tourist attractions in Ayutthaya Thailand, including historical sites such as Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, Wat Phra Mahatat, and Ayutthaya Night Market, also the Thai Style Experience for your Thailand travel tips. It is worth visiting the recommended customized tour of Ayutthaya Bangkok!

Location: Ayutthaya – Bangkok

Transportation: take train or mini van to Ayutthaya, and sightseeing by motorcycle or Tuk tuk.

Currency: USD 1 = THB 31.10

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Built in the 17th century, Bang Pa-In Royal Palace is known as the most beautiful summer palace in Thailand. The current appearance has been maintained for about 150 years.

In the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, there are many traces of the West, because the previous Kings was very committed to the Westernization of Thailand, plus, the Western culture was introduced in the 19th century. Therefore, the buildings here are a bit diverse, including Thai, Victorian, Gothic and even Chinese styles. The fusion of multiculturalism is the biggest feature of this palace.

Apart from the traditional Thai spires, there are various styles of architecture being located in the massive green spaces, and each of which has its own characteristics. There are not only buildings in the entire palace, but also gardens, lawn, and ponds. Bang Pa-In Royal Palace is just like the aristocratic garden that returned to medieval Europe. If you like to enjoy the multicultural integration sightseeing, don’t miss here!

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Thailand travel tips:

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace is an important place of the royals, so upon entering the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, there are clothing restrictions. You can’t wear sleeveless, bare tops and shorts, in order to respect the king. (There are salon dresses available for free at the site)

Transportation: take train to Bang Pain station and transfer to Tuk Tuk.

Open Time: 8:00-16:00 every day

Ticket: THB100 (USD 3.22)

Experience Thai Style

Ever since the drama “Love Destiny” sensationalized the whole country in 2018, it made Ayutthaya the most popular sightseeing spot in recent times. Many people made a special trip to the city to experience wearing Thai clothes. If you want to wear a Thai suit, go to the Thai style studio and pick a traditional Thai suit you like!

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Wat Phra Mahatat

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One of the World Heritage in Ayutthaya is the most famous landmark, Wat Phra Mahatat, where the Buddha head in the tree is definitely the must-see tourist attractions!

Built in 1345, Wat Phra Mahatat is the oldest temple in Thailand and has a history of nearly 700 years. It is filled with towering stupas, and in the temple it is very spacious , which might take a little time to visit all of them at one time.

One of the most famous landmarks in Ayutthaya is the Buddha head in the trees, which is in the Mahathat Temple. Many people want to take pictures with the Buddha’s head, but remember to take pictures with your head lower than the Buddha’s head, for respect purpose.

There are many sayings about the Buddha head in the tree. One of the most convincing statements of the local people is that the small ethnic groups in Southeast Asia are clamoring for war in the Great Wall and know that Thai people will hide treasures in Buddha statues, so they cut down many Buddha heads and stole treasures. But a Buddha head was placed in front of the tree, and was spelled from the gods to be invisible, and no one could find them. The Buddha head was then wrapped in a fig tree, and it has been through the years to now.

Others said that it was related to the Burmese military war. At that time, the Burmese army violently destroyed the Thai cultural relics in order to show the military power. They cut off the Buddha’s head upon seeing them. The fallen Buddha’s heads were either stolen or destroyed because of the war. Otherwise, it happened that there was a Buddha’s head rolling into the bottom of the fig tree, and mix with the roots of the tree by time, and become one of the symbols of the history of the great Ayutthaya.

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Thailand travel tips:

To visit in the temple, remember to follow the etiquette. All platforms cannot be stepped on because you can’t stand higher than the Buddha.

In addition, because almost all the heads of Buddha statues were cut off at the time of the Thai-Myanmar war, you must not take pictures with your head along with the Buddha statues for fun.

Address: Tha Wa Su Kri, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District

Transportation: Tuk Tuk or rent car

Open Time: 08:00-18:00

Ticket: THB50 (USD 1.61)

Ayutthaya Night Market

The entire Ayutthaya Night Market is quite long, but the road is very narrow and crowded during rush hours. There are thousands kinds of cheap, delicious and dazzling Thai snacks in the night market. After you have visited so many tourist attractions, you must be ready to have a good meal in Ayutthaya Night Market!

Ayutthaya Night Market is completely a night market with local people visitors, and so many Thai food snacks and daily groceries could be found in competitive prices. It is about to start at 5 pm and the crowds will be coming in at this time. There are many fancy kinds of stuff and lots of traditional snacks, whether it’s Thai skewers, hot and sour seafood, fried chicken, mango sticky rice, etc. Everything here has amazingly affordable prices.

This night market is located opposite to the Wat Phra Mahatat (the Buddha’s head in the tree). It is recommended to arrange the Wat Phra Mahatat as the last tourist attractions of temple series and arrange Ayutthaya Night Market as next stop. You can walk directly to the opposite side just after visiting the Buddhist temple and serve something for yourself.

Thailand travel tips:

The top-notch recommended food of Ayutthaya Night Market is the boat noodle. When it comes to the origin of the boat noodle, it could be traced back to the time when Thailand’s main transportation method is waterway.

Some hawkers have to brainstorm for living and some started a noodle business on their small boats. But because it is not suitable for the noodle bowl loading too full on the staggering waterway, resulting developed a kind of noodle that can be eaten with only a few swallows (also known as the boat noodle). In fact, the boat noodle is normal noodle soup, but it is very cheap because it is small in size. It is only about THB15 (about USD 0.48).

Bang Ian Rd, Tambon Tha Wa Su Kri, Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Chang Wat Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Open Time:
17:00-22:00 Monday to Sunday

Ayutthaya used to be the second capital of Thailand, retaining many historical remains and Buddhist cultures. However, because of war with the Burmese army, the remains were ruined, the Thai royal family then moved to Bangkok to start a new dynasty. This history also leaves Ayutthaya a mysterious image to travelers and become one of the famous tourist attractions.

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