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Rainy day in Saigon, Vietnam: 6 Best Spots to Go

You can’t expect everything to run smoothly during  your journey, and rainy day is one of the most serious factors that might mess up your day. In Saigon, it rains very often, and is seemingly a common problems for tourists.

However, to save you from getting soaked by rain, MyProGuide collects Top 6 Saigon spots that are suitable to stay on a rainy day. Check these spots out and you may be amazed how easy it is to enjoy a rainy day during the journey. From now on, no more fear of rainy days.

Spot 1:Museum Tours

War Remnants Museum

Saigon boasts a variety of museums that can satisfy visitors with different interests. Besides,  enjoying amazing collections on rainy days, it’s always a great idea to stay in a museums to keep downpour out of sight. For example, Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, Museum of Vietnamese History, Museum of Fine Arts, etc., are located in District 1, the heart of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

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Another famous museum-War Remnants Museum-lies in District 3. It’s not so far away from the other museums. So, pick up some appealing museums and spend your rainy yet meaningful day in Saigon.

Ho Chih Minh Museum, Saigon

All these museums mentioned above are quite accessible and interesting to visit. Perhaps you can spend up to half a day staying in any museum. If you are concerned more about your meals(food is always top priority), remember to bring your own snacks and meals, since there might be lacking food selection inside and nearby museums.

Plus, meals in museums are not that economical as generally known, so we suggest you  prepare your own snacks and drinks with you. Take your time and have a casual meal at certain corners outside museums(but don’t bother others). You can still be yourselves, even it is raining cats and dogs. Have fun as usual on a rainy day.

Spot 2:Learn Vietnamese cuisine in Cooking Class

Savoring delicacies is a must in life. Now that you’re here in a gourmet paradise-Vietnam, you may be satisfied with a wide selection of Vietnamese cuisines. On a rainy day. why not join a session of cooking class to learn how to make your own typical Vietnamese dish. Don’t worry about spending a lot of time searching required ingredients. The professional cooks will prepare all the ingredients you want aside. However, cooking classes in Saigon(Ho Chi Minh City) feature diverse topics containing farm-harvest tour, local market purchase tour, etc..

On each cooking school’s website, you can browse the class introduction, such as the cook team, Vietnamese cuisine taught in class, other included trips, and recommendations from students. Choose your favorite class, and learn an exotc dish in Saigon.

While on a rainy day, it’s more convenient to start your cooking class indoor (unless soaked in Vietnamese rain is your must-experience task). If it’s your first time to cook, and totally unfamiliar with kitchen environment, don’t worry about ruining your dishes. Knowledgeable and well-trained staffs will introduce kitchenware usage, cooking know-hows, the stories of food, and help students better understand how to make good use of ingredients to complete dishes. If you encounter any obstacles in cooking process, just seek experienced staffs or cooks for further assistance, they’re believed to bring you excellent solutions in time.

Spot 3:Go Vietnamese-Style Massage

After a long journey in a vacation, many people can’t wait to seek a great massage master to release their body stress. And if it rains during your stay in Saigon, that means…what are you waiting for a Vietnamese-style massage. A rainy day is exactly the right time for exhausting tourists to experience extraordinary local culture, while avoiding getting wet by rain drops. Vietnamese massage includes sessions of 4-handed massage, hot stones, shiatsu, and other way of refreshing your skin and tension. You’ll be required to take off clothes, and lie down on a comfortable bed with your full body relaxed.

On a rainy day, no rush! Plan the journey according to your own pace. Right now, feel the movement of experienced hands on your oiled body; push-pull technique combined with power accurately relax muscles and joints. Well goes a nice saying,

“Taking a MASSAGE is for accomplishing a longer journey.” Tourists are believed to have more unexpected and surprising stories followed by relieving massage.

Spot 4:Foreign Languages Bookstores

If enthusiasm for reading remains strong even during the journey, then picking up a book, and savoring its plot are perfect on a rainy day as well. Also, bookstores in Saigon provide readers with a great number of books in a variety of languages, especially in English. So, no matter you like detective novels, or your friend prefer romantic literature, stay cheerful! You guys can all get your cozy space to stay in bookstores.

Fahasa Bookstores are the most popular chain bookstores in Saigon. Diversity of novels, non-fiction series always satisfies reader’s various needs. Moreover, besides English collection, Japanese books, magazines, textbooks, and comics are also sold on shelves. So, Japanese visitors can visit there, and grab their loved novels at ease. In addition to chain stores, independent bookstore, such as BOA Bookstore may be some people’s preference.

In Saigon, BOA Bookstore is considered the best independent bookstore for foreign languages, especially English language. It boasts a wide range of foreign languages books selected by owner. Thus, no other bookstore is able to copy BOA’s character, its trend, classic, and logic of book selection. That’s the interesting and unique trait of independent bookstores in which mimicking is of no use.

Spot 5:Crouch in Café

As we mentioned before, coffee is a must-try thing in Saigon, Vietnam. And Vietnam is also proud of their extraordinary production of coffee in quality and quantity. As many people may surprise when upon sipping Vietnamese-style coffee at their first time. It tastes totally different from what it “might” be like in most people’s mind. Vietnamese coffee blends bitter and sweet taste altogether, and creates an ambivalence feeling for many coffee goers.

However, if you face a rainy day during journey, there might be no place like sofa in a homey café. Imagine that you’re immersed in a novel while crouching in the soft sofa. Rain keeps falling, and staffs are busy; however, coffee tastes delicious and is totally your type.

When you close up the book, you’ll remember a story and coffee smell. Perhaps, no better place can perfect a rainy day in Saigon.

Spot 6:Spend Hours in Department Stores

(Credit: itourvn)

On a rainy day, department stores in Saigon can be shelters for tourists to avoid rain. Also, department stores in Saigon supply wonderful shopping environment and all kinds of services to enjoy. You can even spend several hours on shopping, savoring cuisines, reading, and play games at department stores on a rainy day.

If you’re not hurry on your travel schedule, department stores are great places to adjust and arrange your itineraries during a rainy day. And it’s glad to share that several department stores in Saigon, such as Takashimaya, Vincom Center, Parkson Plaza, are adjacent to one another, mostly situated in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC). So, on a rainy day, visiting department stores is a great Plan B to do.

So, if you find out it rains during your trip, don’t pull a long face. In fact, so many things you can do even in a rainy day. Then, cheer up and re-arrange your schedule. Have fun here in Saigon on a rainy day.


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