Tokyo Authentic Food Navigation-Eat Like a Tokyo-ist Today!

It could be said that Tokyo restaurants are as many as stars. It is a deep study to find delicious Japanese cuisine after you had been to Tokyo several times with a tour guide. If you like Japanese food, you are recommended to have your customized tour to Tokyo to eat sushi, sukiyaki, ramen, donburi, etc.

If you want to experience authentic Japanese cuisine, then Oden, grill skewers and other Izakaya cuisines that are office workers’ favorites are certainly not to be missed.

As a cosmopolitan city in Asia, gourmet restaurants from all over the world have chosen to open stores in Tokyo. Famous restaurants such as desserts, brunch and cakes are also good must-try choices for your trip to Tokyo.

Listed below are the types of Japanese food and recommended restaurants. In addition to enjoying the beauty of this ancient capital, when you visit Tokyo, the largest city in Japan, you can also fill your stomach and be satisfied by enjoying hundred kinds of food.

Ramen and tsukemen

Ramen is the first to be suggest for your Japan customized food tour! Originated from China, it is now a well-known food in Japan. The method of noodles and soups of ramen are different from store to store. The main two types of noodles are pork bone soup with a heavy taste and chicken bone soup suitable for a light oily taste.

Recommended restaurants

If you can only choose one ramen restaurant in Tokyo, it must be a Ichiran Ramen. Other brands like Ippudo and Kohmen, there are many branches for you to try. If you are planning to Tokyo Station, don’t miss the Ramen Streets with lots of ramen restaurants. And the Mutekiya ramen in Ikebukuro is also a must-visit shop for tourists.

  • Unforgettable rich soup, delicious noodles: Ichiran
  • Unbelievably crowded store in Tokyo Station Ramen Street only for a taste of popular tsukemen: Rokurinsha
  • Must-eat in Ikebukuro: Mutekiya ramen (a little bit salty)


(Credit: Kevin Petit on Pixabay)

Sushi was also introduced to Japan from China. After being optimized by Japanese, it is definitely super authentic Japanese cuisine. When you come to Tokyo, you must take a trip to the Tsukiji market, which is famous for its fresh seafood. Be here to try fresh fish or seafood with vinegar rice on Chirashizushi (scattered sushi), Makizushi (rolled sushi), or Nigirizushi (hand-pressed sushi).

After the Meiji era, Sushi had been a high-class dish for the rich , the normal civilians have no chance to taste it. In order to provide cheap sushi and avoid the shortage of the servers, the store put the sushi plate on the table with rotating function and serve to guests. With the use of cheap sushi and the rotating conveyor belt, the Conveyor belt sushi is such a thing. If you can’t go to the sushi restaurants beyond your budget of your customized tour, conveyor belt sushi is also a great choice.

Recommended restaurants

  • Definitely must-eat sushi restaurant in Tsukiji market: Sushidai

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By Masayoshi Sekimura from Tokyo, Japan – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Sukiyaki is definitely a must-eat food in Japan customized tour! Because it is difficult for foreigners to find a sukiyaki restaurant that is as authentic as in Japan. So remember to leave a space in your stomach for sukiyaki when you travel to Tokyo!

Recommended restaurants

  • Asakusa must-eat: hundred-year-old Sukiyaki restaurant, affordable lunch choice: ASAKUSA IMAHAN

Ushi katsu (fried steak)

(Credit: candicecity)

If you haven’t experienced the recently-famous Ushi katsu, you must be impressed by its taste and unforgettable memory that brings to you. It is definitely not only as simple as its name (fried steak), it is such a new definition to food beyond description. No wonder it is now on top-ten lists of many tourists who have come to Tokyo.

Recommended restaurants


As a donburi, rice is served in a large bowl and served with fish on top of rice, meat, vegetables, etc. There are various types of donburi in Japan, such as beef, pork, oysters, clams or chicken.

Skewers and Oden, all in Izakaya

When people come to Japan, they are most likely to experience the izakaya culture. Izakaya, a type of informal Japanese pub, was a place  for Japanese male employees to drink and chat after work during the 1970s.

It is now, regardless of gender and age, a perfect place for people to gather and chat.

The main dishes in every izakaya are different. Some are grilled dishes, chicken skewers, and other are the stall-style stands that mainly offer oden.

Another one is the Tokyo common open-style beer store, which is famous for outdoor drinking. No matter you’re going for izakaya or open-style beer store, there is one thing they share in common and will always be served on the table: alcohol.

Adorable delicious snacks

Tamagoyaki (rolled omelet)

(Credit: japanese centre)

Also known as Japanese omelet, the Tamagoyaki has big fame as Japanese snack. The Kanto-flavored Tamagoyaki is famous by its sweet taste with a lot of sugar, which is completely different from Kansai. There are many Tamagoyaki restaurants in the Tsukiji market.


(Credit: Anton Diaz on flickr )

This kind of Japanese food can’t be missed to eat takoyaki when you visit Tokyo. The takoyaki tastes of Kanto and Kansai are very different. Adding cooked octopus pieces, green onion and other materials along with flour and water, and put all in a round mold and seasoned with the special sauce. You can find various kinds of flavors of takoyaki with distinctive sauces all over Japan.

After seeing so many kinds of Japanese foods and cuisines you can reach in Tokyo, you must be eager to book a ticket to Japan right away! But before departure, if you are worried about the communication problem in Japan without a Japanese-speaking tour guide, just relax. Most of the restaurants have lots of pictures in their menu for foreign tourists. The pictures will certainly level up your appetite, and you can easily point the pictures of your preferred meal to the waiter!

No matter you are a ramen-lover or a sushi-mania, you can find all your preference in Japan customized tour. Prepare your own delicious travel with local tour guide!

cover photo: Takashi H on flickr