The Summer Getaway in Taiwan: Xiao Liu Qiu Island

You might already know Taiwan for amazing night markets, or the amazing access to natural resources as well as water activities. However, if you have already been to many places in Taipei, you might haven’t been to the paradise-like island nearby, where you can find breathtaking beaches and stunning views. With a great connection from the main island, Xiao Liu Qiu Island is an escape from the hustle and bustle cities on the west of Taiwan. Be ready! MyProGuide is taking you down to the south, heading to the Xiao Liu Qiu Island!

First thing first: How to get to Xiao Liu Qiu Island?

Located in the south west side of Taiwan, the transportation to Xiao Liu Qiu island is fairly simple. First, you will need to travel down to the southern city in Taiwan, and that is the second biggest city, Kaohsiung. From Kaohsiung City, take a Bus from Kaohsiung Bus Terminal, which is located at Kaohsiung Main Station and goes to Donggang (costs NT$105 and takes roughly about 1 hour). From Donggang station, you can choose to walk (takes around 10 minutes) or take a taxi (would be less than 5 minutes) to reach the port. Finally, from the Donggang port, catch a ferry which costs NT$200 for one-way or NT$380 for a round trip, which will then take you to Xiao Liu Qiu Island.[1] 

For those beach lovers: where to go and what to do

Have a swim with the sea turtles at the Flower vase rock (花瓶岩)

Photo by Chen Yij on Unsplash

One of the most iconic features which represents Xiao Liu Qiu Island, the Flower vase rock, is said to be the most popular location to snorkel. At this beautiful seaside, you will have the chance not only to see the sea turtles, but also swim together with them!

Catch a sunset at Geban Bay (蛤板灣)

Photo by 穎睿 李 on Flickr

It is said to have the beauty of Venice in Italy, and this is why Geban Bay got its nickname, the Venice Beach. The breathtaking sunset at the Geban Bay is a must see. The soft sanded beach and the clear water make it a great attraction to have a romantic walk during the afternoon. Also, the intertidal zones are covered by ocean water at high tides and are revealed at low tide Intertidal zone. During low tide at the intertidal zones, you might see mussels, barnacles, sea stars, crabs, and more!

3 more tips to enjoy Xiao Liu Qiu Island

1. Plan ahead

It has been one of the top destinations during the summer for both Taiwanese and foreigners. It is therefore recommended to book your hotels, B&Bs, or hostels in advance.

2. Get a scooter

Photo by Pedro Pereira on Unsplash

The island is recommended to be explored by scooter or electric bicycle. Riding along the coast and visiting few sites along the way, are definitely the best ways to go around in Xiao Liu Qiu. You can find scooter rental shop when you get off from the port. There are plenty of scooter rental shops just outside Baisha Port. The average price is mostly 400NT$ per day. However, it is sometimes negotiable, try to cut the price. The shop owner often gives discounts. Reminder: have your international license with you!  Something worth mentioning is the interesting fact that you should be wearing a helmet, but you will find all the locals apparently don’t.

3. Go on a night tour

Like Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, the nights in Xiao Liu Qiu Island are busy. Yet, in a totally different way. The night tour visited sites are mostly done during daytime as well, but it will give you really different experiences, this is also why staying overnight is highly recommended. some nocturnal creatures, lots of crabs scrambling across the paths, and had a night view of the main island and the stars above your head. Most of the time, the host of the B&B usually would offer a night tour, or simply go on your own would also be a great adventure!

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The must eat in Xiao Liu Qiu Island

Su Mama twisted rolls  (蘇媽媽手工麻花捲)

Photo by 蘇媽媽手工麻花捲 Facebook Page

These delicious, iconic treats come in many different flavors including both sweet and savory. The crunchy taste will make you eat one after another. It’s also a great souvenir which great to give away as gifts, sharing your joy from Xiao Liu Qiu.

Address: No. 8-20, Zhongzheng Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan

Hong Mama traditional breakfast shop (洪媽媽古早味早餐店)

This old breakfast shop has a history of over 30 years. As breakfast shop common as it seems to be, this breakfast shop is like no other breakfast shop due to its popularity and specialties. With a wide variety of choices, you should prepare a hungry belly to have a feast-starting in the morning!

Address: No. 28-5, Heping Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan

Yoyo cheese roll (yoyo 起司捲)

Photo by Yoyo 起司捲 Facebook Page

The cheese rolls come in four different flavors, fresh tuna, beef, chicken and bacon. MyProGuide recommends its iconic dish, fresh tuna, which is fresh and is different from any other processed tuna cans you see in supermarket.

Address: No. 169, Sanmin Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan

Xiao Liu Qiu noodles(小琉球相思麵)

The noodles stand enjoys high reputation. Offering both noodles and meat rice, simple as it seems, the hidden secret is all about the magic sauce that makes them unique. Remember to go there for lunch instead of dinner, it’s only open till two in the afternoon.

Address: No. 38-44, Shangshan Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan

South Hemisphere traditional specialty (南球特色小吃)

Fresh tuna and mahi-mahi, or also called common dolphin fish, are the specialties found in Xiao Liu Qiu. Here at the restaurant, you can’t miss out the fried tuna rice and fried mahi-mahi rice!

Address: No. 40, Minsheng Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan

Refrigerator shaved ice stand (冰箱冰舖)

There is nothing better than the combination of shaved ice with a hot weather. After a long sunny day under a beach, you feel like have a nice bowl of shaved ice to cool you down. Shaved ice is a commonly seen dessert in Taiwan. Yet, this shaved ice shop has its iconic feature: Loaded with toppings come in the wide choice of flavors including kiwis and mango, Oreo cookies and bubble milk tea.

Address: No. 166-1, Zhongzheng Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan

Summer can be quite intense in Taiwan, and all you are thinking is digging into shaved ice and chilling at some beautiful beaches. Yes, next time when you plan to visit Taiwan in summer, don’t forget to plan a few days trip to Xiao Liu Qiu Island. The amazing landscape, nature, food, will make your visit to Taiwan a memorable one!

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